How many sites on the Internet? Internet sometimes seems endless, but of course, it is not so: the number of sites on the Internet is limited capabilities of the server on which these sites are located, and therefore it is of course, although it is very large.Is it possible to somehow calculate, many sites on the Internet ?

British company Netcraft , specializing in Web-monitoring regularly analyzes the market of hosting services and among other counts, including the number of sites on the global web.Researchers from Netcraft know exactly how many sites on the Internet, and regularly check the dynamics of change in the number of sites in the network.

According to a survey conducted in May 2012, experts Netcraft received responses from 662,959,946 websites and blogs .The number of host names decreased by 14 million compared to April of the same year.Thus, this is the first decrease in the number of sites observed during the last 22 months.

reason for this decline - the removal of more than 28 million host names in the top-level dom

ain .info, which were placed on the servers SoftLayer (only four hundred domains and IP-addresses).Despite this, over the past month, the network appeared 1,2 million new domain .

total number of websites and domain names, August 1995 - May 2012

How many sites on the Internet?

The company Netcraft is usage statistics software web servers , on the basis of which the work sites.

Thus, market share web server nginx continues to grow steadily for the ninth consecutive month.Now it is served by hosts 894,000 (5.48% of the total), an increase over last year more than doubled.

But the share web server Apache this month decreased by 17.5 million served by the hosts.Nevertheless, he is still ranked first in popularity, leading the market by a wide margin: two-thirds of all sites using this web server.

also found that 654 of the host as a Web server using Microsoft-IIS / 8.0 , web server by default in the new server operating system from Microsoft - Windows Server 2012, formerly code-named Windows Server 8.

Marketthe share of web servers, August 1995 - May 2012

How many sites on the Internet?
Web server April 2012 share May 2012 share Change
Apache 443,102,561 65.46% 425,631,721 64.20% -1.26
Microsoft 92,488,751 13.66% 92,406,480 13.94% 0.28
nginx 69,869,916 10.32% 70,764,248 10.67% 0.35
Google 22,039,901 3.26% 21,264,616 3.21% -0.05

As you can see, it is difficult to say exactly how many sites on the Internet: their numberconstantly changing , and to know more or less the exact number, it is necessary to follow the report of the company Netcraft.With confidence we can say only one thing: against a total of more than 600 million sites all fluctuations in the number of sites seem pretty insignificant.

How many sites on the Internet?