What is social bookmarking? All of us are accustomed to use bookmarks in the browser to always have access to the right or interesting web pages.But not always these bookmarks justify themselves: if we sit at someone else's computer to access them we have.And when you reinstall the browser or the system has a chance to lose the saved bookmarks.Therefore, there is an alternative to bookmarks in a browser - social bookmarking .

Social Bookmarking - an analogue bookmarking sites in the browser, the difference is that saved bookmarks are stored in a hard disk of your computer and the server on the Internet .Access to the bookmarks you can get from any computer that has access to the Internet.

Bookmarks are convenient, that you always have access to the links on the dates and sites of interest .You can not be afraid to lose all bookmarks acquired by back-breaking toil, when reinstalling the browser or operating system.In addition, you have access to your bookmarks, which are preserved by other users.

to start using social bookmarks

, you need to register on a social bookmarking (we will tell about them later).By creating an account, you can store links to sites and organize them with tags, categories or folders.

Many services allow users associate in interest groups and / or add each other to friends .Often there are privacy settings, t. E. You can choose who will be visible tab: just you, your friends, or to all users.

Some services also allow you to save your notes, information from sites (up to copies of pages) and upload small files.Most services support import and export bookmarks .

What social bookmarking in RuNet there?If you have an account on Yandex, you can use the service Yandeks.Zakladki .Its interface is very similar to the mail service Yandex.Bookmarks can be shared folders, assign them labels.There is the option of sorting bookmarks, search, export and import inspection bookmarking functionality.But keep in mind that your bookmarks are automatically published in a blog on Ya.ru (if you do not, it will be created automatically).So if you do not want, you can disable the automatic posting or make a bookmark visible only to you or your friends.

Social bookmarking offers and service BobrDobr .Adding bookmarks is through a special form on the website or via the browser toolbar.When you add a link, enter a name and description for the site.To navigate through the tabs have tags (keywords).The system remembers your tags and automatically tells you when you save them to a new bookmark.Also bookmarks can be organized into groups (open or closed private public).You can add users to friends, keep track of new favorites Your friends also have the opportunity to know who their users to keep track of your favorites.

different from previous social bookmarking services MoёMesto ?Besides bookmarking site, you can store files that are downloaded to your hard drive or from the Internet (the volume of a single file - up to 50 MB, total volume - 500 MB, there are privacy settings) and notes.There is a function not only of import bookmarks from your browser, but also with other services.There are buttons for browsers to quickly save a particular page in a tab, also have the option to save a copy of the page.And already familiar features: privacy settings, tags, categories, sorting of bookmarks, the ability to add users to friends and join groups.

Of course, there are many social bookmarking , both domestic and foreign.It Memori.ru, 100zakladok.ru, MyScoop, Mister Wong, Delicious (social bookmarking first), and others.

Social bookmarks - a kind of hybrid service to save links to websites and social network .On some social bookmarking emphasis on storage, for some - to communicate and exchange links.The final choice to do service to you, so be guided by their own needs.

What is social bookmarking?