What is Internet memes? newcomers to the Internet it is sometimes difficult to understand "old-timers", because sometimes it seems a worldwide network of separate world with its own rules, traditions and even its own language - in general, with its culture.A huge part of the Internet culture are so-called Internet memes .

Remember anecdote about prisoners who for the sake of saving time, replaced all the jokes, a hundred times retold to each other, serial numbers?Is the number - and immediately clear what anecdote you mean.Internet memes are somewhat similar to those ordinal numbers - seeing a certain phrase or image, the "mother" of Internet user immediately realizes that meant his companion .

Internet memes are some information (words and phrases, images, videos, concepts), which spontaneously became popular on the Web .Internet memes are transmitted from mouth to mouth (or rather, from user to user) by e-mail, instant messaging, blogs and forums (including anonymous imageboard).

Generally, the term "meme" appeared in

1976.Richard Dawkins called a meme unit of cultural information, the ability to reproduce .Writing about the Internet, journalists quickly picked up this term, and he had caught in the Internet environment.Internet meme becomes not any information, but only one that "touches" the users leaves them indifferent.

All internet memes are divided into several large groups. The first group includes words and phrases .Perhaps one of the most famous memes in this category - it is IMHO (abbreviation of In My Humble Opinion - in my humble opinion), sometimes written in Russian letters and stands for "I have opinions, horseradish to challenge."Another example - the question "How to patch KDE2 under FreeBSD?», The first set on the anime channel in IRC-network.In the same category can be attributed to the notorious "with username".

second group - Internet memes representing media (videos and songs).For example, a video demonstration of Edward Gil, the famous Soviet crooner, sold on the Internet under the name "Mr. Trololo".This, incidentally, is not the only example of how relatively old record becomes Internet meme: the same fate befell the Czech song "Yozhin Bazhin s" recorded in 1978.Two examples of such memes - a Finnish "Polka Eve" ("Yak MCC CSC") and the Swedish song "Caramelldansen", fired at a rapid pace, and accompanied by recognizable animation in anime style.

third group - it Internet memes as pictures .For example, the image of a man covers his face with his hand, and called Facepalm means shame.Often the picture shows Captain Picard, the character of the series "Star Trek: The Next Generation," but the other characters also occur.Instead, pictures can simply write or facepalm.jpg * facepalm * - you understand.Yet such memes are pictures with captions, such as photos of Pallas' cats with the slogan "Pat the Cat," or white owl, like questioning: "O RLY?" (Distorted "Oh, really?" - «Really?").This includes Advice, demotivators and other "serial" internet memes.

Some Internet memes are characters .They can not be attributed to any of the three groups, because such a character can be the hero pictures or video, or even to exist "as a text."For example, if the online conversation commemorated Captain Obvious (KO, cap), then someone struck all the revelation of the series "Guys, the grass-green" or "The sky, the blue!".Sometimes memes are even real people, for example, is very popular on the Internet Anatoly Wasserman, who was familiarly called regulars Network - Onotole.Or unnamed witness from Fryazino - a man in a leather jacket and sweat pants, printed on a photo next to the newlyweds in front Fryazino registrar.

Perhaps in one or even several articles all internet memes you name it - there are plenty of them. memes devote entire sites (Lurkmore and Netlore in RuNet, Encyclopedia Dramatica - in the English-speaking segment of the Internet).Lurkmore more designed for the experienced and seasoned users of the Internet and Netlore suited to start acquaintance with memes.

Drinking memes different: someone thinks of Internet memes information garbage, someone picks up with joy each new meme.But it is undeniable that memes have become an integral part of Internet communication , a kind of jargon, knowledge of which helps to become "their".Optionally know all memes and constantly use them, but knowing a couple or two memes can facilitate communication in the network.

What is Internet memes?