Children At the dawn of the emergence of social networks their main audience was young people, now accounts on social networks give birth to people of all ages, from young to old.Needless to say that the content of social networks is not always acceptable for children to get to the Internet.However, there are special children's social networks , the content of which corresponds to the age of young users.

have children's social networks is both its supporters and opponents, and each side can result in a lot of arguments in favor of social networks for children, and against them.We do not agitate you to join any one of these camps, but just a brief look at the most popular children's social networks .

first children's social network in Russia was the project "The World Bibigon» , created by RTR.The project started in July 2008, and in March 2011 it was renamed "Land of friends."The project is divided into two parts - for children (for an audience of 5 to 17 years) and adults (for users over 18 years old).Total

users are divided into several categories: children, adults, trustees / staff and guests of the project.

project "Country Friends" focused primarily on communication in various forms .Users can upload photos and videos, find old friends and meet new ones, play games and participate in competitions.The site also has access to training resources and programs.A part of the staff includes a child psychologist, conducting consultations online.

little later than "World Bibigon" appeared children's entertainment portal "Tweedy" functionality which allows you to rank a site for children's social networks.The site allows you to create personal pages, play online games (there are games for boys and girls), communicate in chat rooms and forum, to create virtual worlds to watch various video section Cinema Tweedy and more.Judging by the abundance of bright design and animation, site is designed primarily for school-age children (6 to 14 years) .Some children

social networks are created based on the famous cartoons.These include, for example, the project "Smeshariki". project is a kind of virtual world in which children live favorite heroes .Young users can watch and listen to the audio fairy cartoons, participate in competitions and tournaments, meet and chat with other members.Also on site there is a special section for parents with useful information.

Many children's social networks are designed primarily for younger students, but there are projects for older children.Thus, social network «ClassNet» - is All-Russian network for students , which not only allows you to have fun and play, but also helps in learning and finding new friends from different cities.The site can even pass a demo version of the exam in order to be better prepared to pass this exam.And social network «ClassNet» regularly conducts intellectual contests where you can win a local currency network.

If a child is learning English, it may be of interest foreign children's social networks .One such project - «Fanlala» (previously called «Imbee»).This social network for teenagers unites fans of foreign pop stars.The site is available photos and videos with the idols, the latest showbiz news, quizzes.Incidentally, upload videos and photos and create quizzes can users themselves.You can still join a fan favorite stars (analogue groups or communities in other social networks).

children's social network - a sort of compromise between a complete ban of the Internet for children and uncontrolled surfing. creators of social networks for children pay special attention to the security of information , which allows to protect children from inappropriate content.Good children's social networks have not only entertaining, but also a training function.