Which provider is better? Previously home internet was a luxury, now it has become a necessity.Nowadays, even in small towns Internet services provide several providers and connecting have to answer a difficult question: which provider best ?So how do you choose the ISP?

To start, decide how much time you plan to spend on the Internet, what Internet speed you need and how much you are going to download from the network.In principle, the rates to pay for each megabyte gradually recede into the past, giving way to unlimited tariffs. usually have to choose between two types of tariffs .

In the first case, you pay a certain amount per month for the opportunity download unlimited data rate limited .Monthly fee depends on the download speed you choose - the higher the speed, the higher the fee.

In the second case, the rate is not limited by the tariff plan and the capability of the equipment - and your ISP.You pay for the right to use a specific volume of traffic during the month .If you used your gigabytes ahead of time, the Inte

rnet speed drops to a minimum.

So, you have decided to order a longer version of the tariff is right for you, what speed you need, and how much you are willing to allocate a monthly basis on the internet.But is not the time to decide which provider is better.First you need to determine the connection type .The most common types of connection - a home network or ADSL-access through a telephone line.Satellite and dedicated internet home roads, and mobile - is not very convenient for home use.

ADSL - is access through a telephone line .Here you can sit at the same time on the Internet and use the telephone.ADSL access speed of up to 8 Mbit / s, the need to connect the modem (many ISPs provide free rent it).But if you have paired your phone, the connection is not available to you.

alternative to ADSL-access price and quality - is home networks .You do not need the phone, modem or other equipment.The provider simply distribute Internet between the houses that are connected to the network.Traffic within your home network - free of charge.But such a connection requires cable installation, and possible disruptions in case of accidents on the line or the use of low-quality equipment provider.

defined the type of connection, you can decide which provider is best, choosing from providers offering you a suitable tariff plan and connection type.To start read customer reviews , not on the provider's website, and at various forums.

Often, provider promises you one thing, but actually goes quite another .For example, many providers in the tariffs they write: "The speed of up to 8 Mbps!".Keyword - up, the actual speed may be lower.So do not "lead" on prices, which denotes the maximum speed.

Besides, only on the forum you can learn, if the speed does not drop at night (this "sin" home networks - when the night just a lot of users go online, the equipment can not cope), how often failure, how quickly theycorrect etc.

also decide which provider is best, to help services offered by providers .A significant advantage - the presence of a convenient personal account, where you can monitor the status of your personal account, learn about changes in tariffs.And the types of funding should be comfortable and varied, if you can pay only in the office at the provider, it is unlikely you want.

very important presence of accessible and effective technical support .If it works around the clock?Is it easy to get through to her?Competence of the operators?How quickly solved the problem?Ask also about the possibility of using the router (if, in addition to the wired Internet you need wi-fi).

Finally, when you decide which provider is best, ask about connecting .With ADSL-connection problems should arise: you need a modem and a telephone line.With a home network can be nuances: if no one in your home is not yet connected to this ISP connection may cost more.Price increases even more if you live in a private home.

As you can see, one can not say which provider is better or worse for different ISPs may have different advantages and disadvantages, winning in one provider may play in another. necessary to decide what is necessary for you, and only from this repelled .

Which provider is better?