Social network Google Plus Even before the social network Google Plus officially began operations, it is time to make a real splash in the Internet environment.The beta version of one of the most popular at the moment social networks was launched in the summer of 2011, but today it registered millions of users from around the world.The same attractive social network Google Plus?

Many compare the social network Google Plus with Facebook, and indeed in these social networks have a lot in common.In Google Plus, as in any other modern social network, users can "make friends", organize joint meetings to share with other users your photos, videos, links to interesting websites and so on. D.

Social network Google Plus havethe ability to chat, use online application Google Plus, create brand pages , and especially interesting to Google Plus is a possibility to organize hangouts.In addition, users of this network can be from their Android-devices to fully operate in the mobile version of Google Plus.

According to official statistic

s Google Plus, in this social network is now approximately 1,399,365 registered users from Russia .Interesting is the picture of demographic indicators in the social network Google Plus.

Thus, according to public data about users of Google Plus, majority of this social network, which is 30.75%, is married , another 30.20% of the participants - alone.Approximately 18.2% of the users are as committed relationship, about 4% of users are engaged (engaged), about 2.5% - consist in a civil marriage, and about 0.5% - widowhood.

Among the Russian participants of the social network Google Plus women recorded 23.27% and males - 75.91%. The majority of Russian users (31.36%) are interested in networking, has 31.01% of users are interested in finding friends on the network, about 23.9% are looking for a couple of visits, and 13.8% of those on the lookout for permanentrelationship.

Age Social network Google Plus ranges from 18 to 55 and above. Almost half of the users (47.4%) - people aged 18-24 , approximately 34.5% of the participants - people aged 25-34, 9.9% - from 35 to 44, 4,3% - from 45 to 54 years and 3.8% - this participants aged 55 years or more.

Social network Google Plus attracts to its ranks the representatives of different professions, but it may be noted that are leading such professions as developer, software engineer, a specialist PR, a photographer, a specialist SEO, designer, manager, web developer, system administrator and so on. d. At the same time the most "niche" occupied by students from different universities and specialties.

more than 5% (5.15%) Google Plus users from Russia in their personal profiles company Yandex noted how his employer .A little less, namely 4.18% of users reported that they work in Google, 2,27% - in Intel, 2,21% - at Microsoft, 2,14% - to IBM.Another 1.93% of users reported that they are working in Mcdonald's.

Social network Google Plus actively used by residents of different cities of the Russian Federation, but the greatest number of participants registered in the capital - 17,38% .Also, a lot of participants Google Plus from Russia living in St. Petersburg (11.46%), Tomsk (6.92%), Yekaterinburg (5.09%), Chelyabinsk (4.42%), Rostov-on-Don (4.39%), Volgograd (4.29%), Tyumen (3.25%), and so on. d.

Celebrities and public figures also registered in the social network Google Plus, among them - the well-known actors, politicians,public figures.For example, among the participants of Google Plus - Pavel Durov , founder of the popular social network VKontakte, Artemy Lebedev art director Artemy Lebedev Studio and many other famous personalities.

Social network Google Plus has provided new opportunities for Internet users and become a viable alternative to existing similar projects.Today, anyone can join the Google Plus fast and completely free!

Social network Google Plus