Tlog: Blog - Notebook Blogging has become very popular activity: for some it is a hobby, and for someone - and way of earnings.But far from all people have the time to do long blog posts;they use blogs as a virtual diary, but rather as a virtual notebook.For such people, there is a special format of a blog called tlog .

Tlog - an abbreviation of the English word tumblelog .The names "tamblelog" and "tambllog" in Russian language took root worse, they are too uncomfortable in the pronunciation and writing, and a short and capacious word tlog users had in mind.Sometimes also called tlogi mini-blogging .

tlog How different from the usual blog?In one blog post can contain text, images, videos, links, etc.At the same tloge each entry has only one specific format possible. There are the basic formats of records in tlogah :

  • text - normal text entry, a traditional blogging (it's size can be limited);
  • quote - you can quote someone, specifying the source of the quote will be issued a manner different from the usual author's
  • photo - images downloaded from your computer or on the link in the network;
  • link - link or set of links;
  • conversation - a fragment of the log of the chat or instant messenger, where nicks and replica interlocutors highlighted accordingly;
  • video - video from one of the video hosting sites.

Usually each recording format has its own special type of registration , to a record of a particular type can be immediately identified.Of course, pictures and videos difficult to confuse with something else, but the author's post, quote or conversation - elementary, if they are not appropriately dealt with.

addition, tlog less focused on communication than regular blog .You can subscribe to updates tlogah you are interested, but not at all tlog-services have the opportunity to comment, but where it is, by default, comments are closed.Tlog - is a set of notes and drafts;you do it primarily for themselves, and if they liked someone else - well, well.

on Russian tlog service mmm-tasty, for example, even can not see how many people you signed .Developers with the joke that vanity - a sin, so interested in the number of subscribers does not make sense.But it is possible to control privacy there: you can close your tlog by users who are not registered in the system, or a list of users who will have access to your tlog.Finally, you can close individual entries from everyone but yourself.

Making tloga usually very simple, almost ascetic .You can choose the design of the proposed to you or to customize the color scheme, but no "rigmarole" and design refinements do not wait.Often the width of the block with the content in tlogah fairly narrow, about 420 pixels.

Where to start your tlog? first mass tlog Service, which is now the most popular - this Tumblr .It is available in eight languages, including Russian.In addition, Tumblr support pending posting (you save the message, and they are published automatically after a certain time interval), the automatic posting of messages from tloga other social networks (eg, Facebook and Twitter) and posting from a mobile phone.The first Russian tlog service - it mmm-tasty , already mentioned in this article.And in Ukraine, the first service to conduct tlogov is called Summer-breath .

There are special engines for tlog services , written mainly in PHP or Ruby.Popular tlogov engine to include, for example, Gelato, Ozimodo, Nanograbbr and Chyrp.However, you can use to conduct tlogov conventional blogging platforms such as WordPress.

Tlog - is a blog for individualists, seeking maximum freedom of expression , but are not ready to spend too much time blogging.

Tlog: Blog - Notebook