How to Remove Twitter Twitter - a popular microblogging service, the number of users is increasing every day.However, there are users who are bored to use Twitter (and it happens, yes).If you - one of them, you're probably wondering, how to remove the Twitter .

decision to remove the Twitter people take for various reasons .Someone just wanted to see what it represents the service, but he did not like.Someone bothered to conduct microblog.Someone realized that the rest for Twitter takes him too much time, and decided to fight the addiction radical method.But some users to conduct boring old account, they remove it, register and start a new with a clean slate.

In general, the reason for which the user decides to delete the account on Twitter - it's a private matter, so we will not delve into the wilds of motivation, but simply tell you how to remove the Twitter.To start sign into your account and click on the icon by in the upper right corner.It will expand the menu in which to select "Settings."

Default Settings window

will open your account, it is something you need.Scroll down the page until the very end, the bottom will link «Delete my account» .Click on this link and you will be redirected to the final termination of your account.We advise to carefully read the warning before press the delete button on the account.There are some important points.

Thus, the account is removed within a few minutes, but a few days after turning off some of its contents can be displayed on the site .Also, tweets indexed by search engines, some time will be available in search results, and Google and Yandex cache until a regular re-indexing of the site.

Within 30 days of your data will be stored by the project, so if you change your mind, you will be able to reactivate your account.To do this, you just need to enter it within a month after the time off. After 30 days of the deactivation of your account you will forever lose the opportunity to restore the old account , you can only register a new one.

While your user data is not completely removed from the server project, you can not use assigned to the account of the e-mail address or the current username .So if you want to use this information to register a new account, you have two choices: wait until your old account will not be completely removed before disconnecting it or change settings in the email address and user name.

the way, if you decide to start keeping a microblog from scratch with a new user name and new tweets, it is not necessary to remove your account completely.Having decided to remove Twitter, you will lose all of their followers .If you want to create a new account with a different name, but do not want to lose touch with friends Twitterers can simply change the user name, the address of your Twitter and its design, as well as remove all old tweets.

Just go to your account settings (how to do it, we told above) and in the "User Name" enter a new name , with him will change, and the address of your page on Twitter.To change the profile data (the avatar, name, location, website, information about you) in the left menu, select "Profile" to change the design - the item "registration".

So your account is fully renovated, but to start with a clean slate interfere old tweets. How to remove tweets on Twitter? Deleting one tweet - a long and laborious process, especially if you - active users, number of tweets which exceeded several hundreds, or even thousands.To delete all the tweets you can use third-party services, for example, TwitWipe or Delete Multiple Tweets.

As you can see, delete a page on Twitter quite simple, the main thing - to be sure that you really want to do that after some time not regret forever missing tweets and Internet friends with whom you have lost contact.

How to Remove Twitter