Yandeks.Taksi service « Yandeks.Taksi » launched in October 2011 for gadgets based on Apple and Android, but now this application also works as a web service.The service - a kind of network that allows you to use a greater number of drivers, so the time for the machine is significantly reduced.

Use this service is much more convenient than phoning to taxi companies in search of a free car.The system automatically provides the distance and travel time based on current traffic congestion.Specify the number of available drivers nearby.You just need a few minutes to place an order.

actions are very simple:

  • field « Location » enter a current address;
  • field « Where » specify the address to which will go;
  • field « When » choose taxi arrival at the current address;
  • field « Wishes » can write rate, which will pay for, or select a specific taxi service.

principle: Yandeks.Taksi sends the order directly to free drivers that are next to the original address.Once one agrees to take the order, you will see his move on the m

ap and get all the information about the car.Next, the dispatcher will contact you to confirm your order.You can also order a taxi in advance , for example, the next day.

Note that use this service are the only ones who logged in Yandex .By submitting an order, enter your mobile number.The application will remember this number and then will offer it automatically.The same situation is with the routes: enter it once, and it will be saved in the database.

Yandeks.Taksi Service cooperates with large Moscow taxis, so the choice of machines and services high.You can specify the rate, which is acceptable to you.You can also give preference to a certain brand of car or taxi service.

application can be useful not only in Moscow but in Kiev, Voronezh, for example.About three hundred cities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan given number of taxi services.Download the free app from the App Store can be in the Android Market, as well as with the help of the QR-code.

More than 45% of taxi drivers are not busy and are willing to accept the order.In the evening and on weekends the number of cars increases, as a growing number of requests.Most often bought a taxi at the end of the working week, and naturally on the weekends.Rush hour for taxi drivers account for 9-10 am and 11 pm on weekdays.It increases the number of orders on holidays and pre-holidays.

If you ordered a taxi average waiting time - 24 minutes .The driver, who is ready to take an order, is in a 5 km radius of your location.The time he spends on the road to you - 12 minutes, on average, of course.You do not know what tariff you choose?Use Yandeks.Taksi statistics: a third of the passengers indicate tariff « Economy », 9% of people prefer to « Comfort », well, the smallest part of a trip paid at the rate of « Business ».

Yandeks.Taksi application version exists not only for smartphones, but also unpretentious mobile phones.The company is not going to rest on our laurels and plans to launch a version for Windows Phone.This service will probably work with Yandex , so it will be possible to pay by electronic money.Convenient, is not it?It is also planned to launch a taxi, which you can pay a visit credit card .

Our world is improving, and we are moving with it.Such service saves you time, money, nerves .No need to wait for hours the car, go on the road and do not need to vote, too.You expect a warm cafe 24 minutes and go with the wind.Do not forget that any system can fail, so keep a couple of numbers of taxi services in the mobile phone can not hurt.But we hope that will not let anyone Yandeks.Taksi.