No photo is loaded in contact: what to do With the advent of social networks no longer need to show vacation photos to friends and acquaintances all take turns: just upload them to your account on the social network, and everyone can see them.But sometimes, downloading photos and pictures there are problems, and how to get rid of them, tell the Soviet Union.

1. Wrong image format

To start, check that the photos you want to upload to the requirements of social networks.The fact that the network is in contact supports a limited number of formats (JPG, PNG, GIF), in addition, the maximum size of uploaded photos is 5MB.If the photo that you want to download, do not meet these requirements, you need to resave them in the right format and / or reduce the size.

2. The browser will not ship photo

If the image meets all requirements, but the photo you still will not boot , the problem may be with your browser.Most often, this problem occurs in the browser Opera, especially if enabled Opera Turbo .Try to turn it off, if it still does not help (or

if the turbo mode was disabled initially) try to upload a photo using a different browser.

way, error can occur if you have a old version of the browser or the beta version.Upgrade your browser to the stable version and check whether the figure in image settings, support JavaScript, if not - include.If you are using a browser plug-in for image caching, it must be properly configured or even disabled.Clean your browser cache - just in case - does not hurt.

3. Internet connection does not allow to load an image

also happens that the downloaded image is not obtained because of problems with the Internet connection.The reason may be, for example, be a low-speed internet.In this case you have to deal with your provider.But before you swear tech support provider, disconnect torrents and other programs for downloading from the Internet - perhaps they are guilty.

problems with uploading the picture can occur if you are connected to the Internet via a proxy server (including sitting in a social network through a proxy), a direct connection can help.

If you put any third-party programs in contact (for example, to save the video or music), they need to be removed, and then scan your computer for reliability Antivirus - perhaps it is these programs to block downloads of pictures.

4. The reason for the Vkontakte

Finally, you can just wait - perhaps you have not downloaded a photo of a temporary "glitch" in contact or your browser, and after a while everything goes.

if the problem corrects itself fails, you can try to contact the property for this:

  1. site in the bottom menu, select "Help" and briefly describe the situation in the appropriate field.
  2. to form a fully opened, you need a list of common problems click "None of these options is not suitable."
  3. Enter the title question (for example, "You can not upload photos"), a brief description of the problem, click "Submit".If desired, before sending you can attach an image (for example, if an error uploading the picture pops up, it is desirable to make a screenshot of the error for the purposes of clarity).

Also on some sites you can find advice to contact the appropriate topic in the technical support VKontakte.But at the moment this issue is closed for new applications, because the main reason, as it turned out, was installed third-party applications and add-ons for the site, which we have already mentioned above.

As you can see, the photo Bk may not go for several reasons that are easy to check and fix.But in most cases the problem can be solved with one of the above methods.Just do not rush immediately to reinstall the operating system - a minor error in the social network just is not worth it.

No photo is loaded in contact: what to do