Google TV Google TV - is a joint project of Google, Sony, Intel and Logitech, which is a hardware and software platform for set-top boxes and HDTV-based operating system Android.

Today, many modern TVs offer access to the Internet, but possibilities of working with online content in them are quite limited .Most often, users are able to watch videos from YouTube, view photos from Picasa, but you a more "advanced" possibilities of functional basic applications to online content does not apply.

Platform Google TV is designed to increase access to online content .So, thanks to Adobe Flash and Google Chrome with the system TVs Google TV will have access via the Internet to search and view online video the same way, that is now used on personal computers and mobile part.TVs with Google TV system will allow users to go from TV to any sites they will support services such as YouTube, Twitter, Hulu, Netflix and others.

So, Google TV - is primarily integrated into your TV set access to online content, including to se

rvices Google, such as broadcasts YouTube app store and Google Play (formerly Android Market).

in Google Play, users are offered adapted for Google TV application for video streaming , in particular, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Crackle, Guardian, Plex, Redux and others. Also, for Google TV have been optimized applications other categories: sports, lifemusic, news.

How does Google TV?There are two main options: top box (digital TV receiver) and integration directly into the TV .Let's start with a set top box.In 2010, one of the exhibitions was shown a set top box based on the OC Android.It is able to display video on demand, support 1080p video, equipped with keypad, point the remote control and ThinkFree Office.

Development set-top box has been assigned to Logitech, the new systems will operate on a processor Intel Atom CE4100 .According to Google, the new platform will also support HDTV (high definition television) and Blu-Ray players from Sony.STB HDMI cable is connected between the TV and cable (satellite) receiver.

second option - services Google TV, integrated into the TV .Release autonomous TVs with support for Internet TV and Google TV, Sony announced in 2010.This simply connect the TV to a cable or satellite receiver, no additional set-top box you do not need: Google TV is already "inside" your new TV.

At the moment you can buy online online player NSZ-GS7 from Sony with the integration of Google TV, connected to virtually every TV-enabled HDTV.The player is equipped with a remote control that is optimized for Google TV.The player can work in Google Chrome, and provides access to applications Google Play.Supports Wi-Fi.It should be a player about 300 US dollars.

Model NSZ-GP9 - this Blu-Ray players from Sony .In addition to the opportunities provided by NSZ-GS7, this player allows you to watch Blu-Ray movies as Full HD, 3D video support.And Logitech introduced the console Logitech Revue supporting Google TV.

assortment of devices supporting Google TV, so far rather limited, but over time they are likely to be more.In principle, start with prefixes was enough reasonable solution : not everyone can or wants to buy a full-fledged TV with support for Google TV, but the set-top box - the gadget more affordable.

looks like everything is moving to the fact that the boundaries between the devices will be erased: firmware gadgets gradually replaced virtually complete operating system, televisions provide access to online content.Internet television begin to unite into a single whole, as interactive content is valued more .And the appearance of Google TV - one more proof.

Google TV