electronic turn a child in kindergarten

Once the baby starts to grow, the edge becomes a question of his imminent hike in kindergarten.Apart from the psychological problems associated with sending a child to preschool and tears associated with the adaptation of its parents have to solve another important problem.First, the baby should be written to the queue to kindergarten, and then regularly checked the data, so as not to miss it.

Recently, the Ministry of Education has launched a special electronic system that allows the comfort of your home, track the progress of the queue.Previously, this information was on the website of the Office of Education, and to obtain it did not need to be registered on the site.Now, a special portal, where you register, you can not only check what you are in the queue to kindergarten, but also directly to enroll in it.

How to enroll in kindergarten electronically

  1. Mom must register on the site and there www.gosuslugi.ru leave data from the child's birth certificate in the section applications.So you make
    your baby to the list of children who wish to attend the institution.
  2. After that within a month it is necessary to come to the district education department and confirm its presence in the lineup.At itself it is necessary to have all the documents for themselves and the child.If you do not, after the expiration date you will be automatically removed from the electronic queue.
  3. when you confirm the submitted application, e-mail a letter.It will also link to a personal account, where you can follow the progress of the queue.

Some mothers worry that their baby is not only not moving in line, but even turned out to be much farther from their admission to the garden.The fact that the confirmation of the application, in addition to the birth certificate, and served as favorable documents.Therefore, children with some advantages may be ahead of the queue.

check your e-queue to kindergarten

to regularly check the status in the queue, you need to go to the same site state body, and specify its location.

electronic turn a child in kindergarten

electronic turn a child in kindergarten

Then enter your login and insurance number of the individual account (SNILS) as the password.If the entry was carried out successfully in the top right corner of the screen displays your name and initials.

Now we can check the status of the queue immediately.Find the section "E-services".Here you will find a point at which the Department of Education indicated the name of your city.For example, "Department of Education Administration of the city of Vladimir."

electronic turn a child in kindergarten

bottom of the window will be in the section "Get the service."When you click on this link, you'll see the button "Admission of children to kindergarten."By clicking on it, you can select the type of application.In this case, we select the item "Application for information on the status of the queue."

electronic turn a child in kindergarten

click on the button "Go to apply."You will see a line where you want to enter the number of statements that you have given to the education department in the confirmation email application.Click the button, which will apply once again and click on the button "Apply".

on the screen you will see the general information about the application.You will be able to see your child's personal information, but we must select the "History of the application."Click on it and appear below the information on the date of submission of the application, and your place in the queue at the moment.

This new service is very useful for moms who do not have to personally come to the Department of Education.