How to create a banner advertising today can be seen everywhere, not the exception is the World Wide Web.In this article we will try to answer the question, how to create a banner , because it is one of the main types of online advertising.For this we need knowledge of the laws of certain web design and specialized computer programs.

To create a banner, you must clearly understand its main functions .First of all, it should be a kind of look at your website or blog, that is, reflect the essence of the content of Internet resource on which it is referenced.In addition, the banner should have a positive impact on the consciousness of the user and to consider that clicking on it will not always, but in the memory of the viewer banner should remain constant.

Create a banner means include the four basic elements : slogan, direct graphic slogan, matched colors, as well as elements that emphasize its meaning and content.An illustration of a slogan can serve as a logo.Thinking of the future banner colors, the main thing - to avoid

such combinations as red to green, black to purple, orange, white, green and red on red on yellow.

As for software packages that can help you create a banner, you first need a good editing with the ability to create animations.An excellent example of such a program is Gimp , which, besides, is considered a good free alternative to Adobe Photoshop.Gimp is designed only to work with raster graphics.

If you want to create a banner using vector graphics, you need a program Adobe Flash , possessing a wide range of possibilities, capable of creating even a small animated films.

However, Flash, despite its functionality gradually receding into the background.Today, for the creation of banners used another product of the company Adobe - After Effects .This program is designed primarily for video design and allows animated banners to complement a variety of effects that can not be done using the above-mentioned programs.

should also say that for the numerical evaluation of the notion of CTR Click-Through Rate (CTR), defined as the ratio of the number of clicks made on the banner to the number of his hits.The resulting number is multiplied by 100 to get the percentage.CTR can be regarded as a kind of measure of the quality of the ad unit.The value of this indicator in RuNet ranges from 0.1% to 2%.

Finally give some useful tips , which will help to create a banner and will facilitate the transition of his exile.Positive impact on the effectiveness of the use of the words "click here", "entrance" or «Enter».It should also give priority to the creation of animated banners, as they are a much better catch the eye of users, as opposed to static.Banner should not be very hard and long to load, sometimes enough even 2-3 frames for its effective operation.Well affected by the presence on the clickable text banner word «Free» , however, be sure to insert explanatory text that tells what you have to offer to the user free of charge.In addition, you can use the underlined blue text, causing the user association with the link.Also, be sure to use the logo, as it has a positive effect on memorizing brand presentation which deals with your site.And last - often change banners , because over time people have an interest in the same ad unit disappears.

How to create a banner