How to register the App Store App Store - a section of the supermarket online iTunes Store, the official application store of Apple, designed specifically for owners of "apple" gadget - iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. How to register the App Store?

To use the App Store you need ID Apple ID - a universal identifier for use in various services Apple.If you do not already have it, you will need to create one using iTunes on your computer or gadget that runs on iOS.This will be the registration on App Store.

How to register in the App Store through iTunes?

To create an Apple ID identifier go in iTunes, find the link iTunes Store the left side of the application window, and select your country.To do this, click the corresponding flag at the bottom right corner of the page iTunes Store.

To go to the App Store, click the appropriate link on the top navigation bar.Now you need to find and download any free program .To do this, go to the column "Top Charts" (it is in the right pane, App Store).Scroll down until you see a list of "fr

ee software."You must select any application by clicking it, and then click "Free software" under the icon of the application.

pop-up window in which you have to press «Create Apple ID» .You should see the screen "Welcome to the iTunes Store», where you must click "Continue."A window with the text of the terms and conditions of service in the store iTunes Store.You need to check the box indicating that you have read and accept them, and click "Continue."

Next in the registration you will need to enter your email, create a password, secret question and answer, as well as date of birth .If desired, you can also enter an emergency e-mail address.Enter all the necessary information, press the "Continue" button.

You will be asked to choose a payment method, select "No".Next you need to enter in the appropriate fields your name and address .In the confirmation dialog box, click the account "Finish".

Then check the e-mail box, which you specified at registration.You should have come to a confirmation letter from the iTunes Store.Opening the message, click the link contained in it to activate your account .

When you click on the link to the website, you will need to be prompted to log in using the name and password of the account.When you enter, you'll see that your e-mail address associated with the ID Apple ID .

Click "Back to Shop".The screen with the words "Congratulations." to go to the home page App Store , click "Start buying."

How to register in the App Store on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?

registration procedure from one of the "apple" of gadgets to iOS very similar to the registration through iTunes, minor differences are due to the mobile interface gadgets.Here are the basic steps in the registration process App Store .

First you need to open the App Store on your device, found in the App Store any free program by clicking the inscription "Free" and then - "Install the application."In the login window click «Create a new Apple ID» .

choose from the list your country, click "Finish".Then read the terms and conditions of service in the store iTunes Store and click "I Agree" (this button is located at the bottom of the page) to continue.

Next - all as when registering through iTunes : you need to enter an email address, secret question and answer, password, date of birth, emergency e-mail address (optional).By clicking "Next", select as a payment method, "No".

followed by fill the remaining required fields (including phone number, and mailing address) and click "Next".Opens checking account.Click "Finish", go to the specified when registering a mailbox and click on the link in the confirmation email from iTunes Store.

Clicking on the link, you will be redirected to the store App Store. Enter in the appropriate fields your Apple ID and password .Press "Enter" should appear with gratitude.Done!

How to register the App Store