How to put videos on YouTube Today, YouTube is the most popular Internet service that provides video hosting.This service enables you to upload videos, post comments, and even embed video titles.In this article we will tell, how to put videos on YouTube .

First of all it should be said that in this video sharing you can find a huge number of both amateur videos , and professional clips and short films.Among the main advantages of the service may be noted generation HTML-code , which makes it possible to embed videos on their websites, blogs and social networks simply.This and a lot of other opportunities in early 2012 made the site a resource to third in the world in the number of visitors (4 billion hits a day).

to put the video on YouTube, you must have your own account on the site or service to be registered on the site Google .Today, registration of new users is performed only on Google.This procedure is quite simple: you must include your name, age and gender.You will also need to come up with a password and enter your mob

ile phone number service for sending messages with a secret code verification.

After fill in all the necessary forms, will receive SMS-message with the code to confirm .Enter it on the page that appears.Now you have an account on Google, which opens up the possibility to use different services, one of which is YouTube.

Next to put the video on YouTube, just go to the video sharing website and login by clicking «Login» , located in the top right corner of the page.Then enter your login and password.To load the main page Site YouTube.At its top is a search bar, and right of it - the menu item "Add Video".

click on the motion, after which the page for download.It has the ability to upload videos to the site from a computer, and burn it with the webcam.Push the button «Select the files on your computer» .We find the desired video file on your hard disk or flash drive and click «Open» .

Then begins the process of downloading , what would indicate occurrence of a status indicator.While the video is loaded, you can give it a name, register the tags indicate the place of shooting on an electronic map, and select a category.Once the video has fully loaded, special codec H.264 , installed on the service, will sent compressed video and convert it to the format of MP4.Now you need to choose a picture that will serve as a preview, and do not forget to save the changes.

It is worth noting that new users have the ability to upload videos , the duration of which does not exceed 15 minutes .However, users with higher ratings can upload a video for a longer period.For example, in December 2011, one of the users has uploaded a video on YouTube, the duration of which was 596 hours 31 minutes and 21 seconds , but it was immediately removed.

As you could see, put the video on YouTube is quite simple .It is only necessary to have a personal account on this service.Also on site, you can subscribe to channels of other users.Today, this resource created quite a lot of video blogs, music videos, video tutorials and online show.More often used YouTube for live broadcasts from sports events or concerts.

How to put videos on YouTube