How to become a blogger Today, many bloggers have managed to become quite well-known and respected people, in addition, many well-known personalities began to conduct their own online journals.In this article we will tell, how to become a blogger and that this requires.

Today blogs give birth to share their own experiences in a certain field of activity, and this is a great opportunity to earn money , because if your blog has a large number of visitors, it is possible to place contextual advertising, for referrals on interestmoney.

to become a blogger, it is first necessary to determine the platform , where you will be placing your online journal.There are two ways: to make a stand-alone site or take advantage of special web services.The most common way is considered to be the last.Today, there are quite a number of sites that allow for blogs, the most popular of which are and .It should be noted that Web services for blogging brings together a large number of people with whom you can chat,

share links and post comments to their blogs, thus declaring itself.We can say that such sites - a kind of social network.

however important not only to the technical aspects.To become a blogger, you do not just create a page on one of the services.To be able to write well enough interesting. Internet magazine you need to unwind .It will be necessary to examine how to blogs with your theme, and be sure to subscribe to them and comment.In this case, the interaction is very important.This way you can gradually find its own audience.

also need to talk about discipline.You need to work out for themselves certain rules to be followed, as well as set goals and determine the sequence of steps to achieve them.Be sure to adhere to the schedule should be publications and regularly post new positions.

to become a blogger, you will need persistence and perseverance.The fact that the success in any case 90% dependent on the daily work serious .Blogging is no exception.Another worth noting that the blogosphere is very important attitude to people.Remember that traffic counts and any other parameters can be easily screwed, but the most important thing in such a project - the presence of the audience.Always respond to comments and letters helps the reader to understand the various issues.Treat your visitors as you want to the authors of other blogs to treat you.

most important thing - find its flavor , which will distinguish your online journal from the hundreds of thousands of others, placed on the World Wide Web.Develop your style of writing articles, lay out the original illustrations, and so on.In addition, be brief .This does not mean you have to write a short little posts, we are talking about that in their articles not pour water and write only in nature.

Finally it is worth to say that lately become very popular videoblogs , where bloggers do not write articles, and just get on camera and share any information or news.In addition, videobloggery may not appear on the screen and read the narration, the story accompanying visuals.In large video hosting it has the ability to embed videos in advertising, through which you can earn money.

hope given tips will help you become a blogger and find its audience.

How to become a blogger