How do I know the traffic police fines for driving license in Samara

If you are the driver, it does not matter with a great experience or just out of driving school, you probably already knew that driving and traffic - are very unpredictable in our lives.Minor problems happen with each of them and could not be saved.Then the question arises: how do you know about the fines or violations that are registered for you?

This information is useful to you and will help you understand, do not hang you for your outstanding sins on the road, which in the case of willful disregard may face arrest and even compulsory works.Learn

fine traffic police in Samara on licenses

How do I know the traffic police fines for driving license in Samara

Samara and its region has the same rules and penalties for violations, as well as other regions of the country (with the exception of St. Petersburg and Moscow, where the sum is much higher fines forby the high cost of road maintenance with a very busy road).But, despite this, we suggest to familiarize with recommendations on how to see the penalties and violations of traffic police in Samara.

  1. to start a search engine you will need to find a site Suprema (this is the site of public services and social issues).In any of them should be the section "Electronic service.Debt fines traffic police ", click on this tab.
  2. You will see the profile in which it is necessary to indicate their passport data, select the document for which you can check the fine (protocol violations, driver's license or the decision on the punishment).Once you fill out the form, you will be presented a complete picture of your debts and the deadlines for their redemption.
  3. If debts violations do exist, it is recommended to print the electronic version of the receipt of the Savings Bank, and to pay their fines in the nearest branch of the bank.

How to determine the penalty for traffic police car number

How do I know the traffic police fines for driving license in Samara

To do this, set up special sites that allow you to effortlessly and waste of time to find out what debt for violations of traffic police has imposed on you.Their menu offered a form in which it is necessary to fill in the registration number and car registration region, as well as specify the last six digits of the technical passport of the car.Pay fines available, you can through a bank, self-service terminals or via the Internet payments.What is the consequence

evasion fines for traffic violations in Samara?

not think that a small fine you can say good-bye.In the case of debt even 50 rubles and pay this amount within 30 calendar days of any traffic police officer has every right to draw you to liability under Article 20.25 CAO Russia (which is a bit much, 15 days).

How do I know the traffic police fines for driving license in Samara

In addition, you do not allow for technical inspection, on and off the register, that is, in fact, you will not be able to sell the vehicle.But the most unpleasant thing that can be expected from the non-payment of fines traffic police - a bailiff visit to your home, which is the right not only to describe your property to repay the amount, but also to close the exit from the country.

Remember, timely verification and payment of its debts for violations of traffic rules not only allow you to sleep with a clear conscience, but also to protect against possible unpleasant consequences.No nails, no wand you!