Google Books (Google Books) One of the many services offered by Google, called Google Books (Google Books) .It was first presented in 2004 at the book fair in Frankfurt as a full-text search service on the books, but during the years of its functionality is slightly changed.

In October 2004, at the time of the presentation, the service was called Google Print .In November 2005, its name was changed to Google Book Search , but now we know it under the name of Google Books, and Google Books.The service was set up to perform full-text search of books scanned and stored in a digital database of Google.

In December 2005, the company signed an agreement to begin digitizing library collections with five major libraries in the US and the UK.It was the library of Stanford, Michigan, Harvard and Oxford universities, as well as the New York Public Library.Gradually, the project partners became more libraries and publishers. In March 2012, the number of digitized books exceeded 20 million .

Using Google Books service does not differ from

the normal use on Google.You simply enter you are interested in a request to the search box and press the "Search for Books» .On the results page you will see a list of books in the text which meets the phrase, indicating the page.Also available Advanced Book Search, which allows you to specify search criteria (language, title, author, publisher, publication date, and so on. N.).

click on the title of the book you can get general information about it.In addition, the results page you will see fragments of books that contain the keyword or phrase.In some cases, there is an opportunity to explore the full page of the book or, if the publisher or author has given permission. Each author or publisher participating in the affiliate program Google Books, he determines the percentage of the book, which will be available for viewing .If a book is not protected by copyright, you can view it entirely.

This view books can be compared to going to the bookstore: you flip over the issue and make a decision - to buy the book or not. service Google Books allows you to purchase books online .To do this you need to click the link "Get print" or "Upload Book" (if the text is available in e-book format Google).

Google Books has recently been integrated with Google Play : the opportunity to purchase e-books in the app store.However, for our country, this service is not yet available.

Also, Google Books allows users to start their own online library .Found by searching for books can be added to the library, distributing them on the shelves, "My books in Google Play», «Favorites", "Read Now", "Read", "read" (similar to the distribution of the shelves using social network of readersLiveLib).

more your library will display a list of purchased, peer-reviewed and recently viewed books, browsing history and recommended a book for you.You can create your own shelf and change access rights as its own shelves and the proposed default, making them personal or public.Specially recorded in Google Books to create a library is not necessary - enough log in with your account Google .

important to understand that Google Books - this is not a free electronic library.Fully accessible only to those books that are not protected by copyright, all the rest will have to buy.However using this service can be briefly acquainted with the book you are interested and decide whether or not to buy it.In addition, the library service Google Books helps you organize your 'reading experience. "

Google Books (Google Books)