Included router

Today the market a huge number of devices and hundreds of service providers, thanks to which we'll have access to the global network.However, the procedure for entry in the configuration of the router, is identical for all models.When switching from one provider to another or if there is any failure in the equipment, the need for additional configuration.Many prefer to call the master, but if time is short, the Internet is needed yesterday and no time to wait?Quite simply, you need to read the instructions and start setting up on their own.

Connect the router to your computer:

  1. Lan-cable - here's what we need first of all to connect the modem to a PC or laptop.
  2. We need to insert any of the ends of the wire to the cell router, but there are some nuances.Sticking should be one of the two or four free slots, where there is an inscription «internet», which is usually located on the right edge of the back of the modem.Full-connector is used to connect a cable, by means of which will be Internet traffic
    flow, so try not to be confused.The photo below shows an example where, and that "stick."

Once the cable is connected to the corresponding connector of the router and the computer, you can safely proceed to the consideration of how to go to the menu of the router.

Connect the cables

How to go to the settings of the router

Nothing complicated in the most modem settings, and even more so to get to the menu - no.We expand on all counts:

  1. First of all, look at the back of the modem its IP-address.In most cases it was not there as shown in the picture below;reverse side modem
  2. If you do not find it, look in the box or in the manual;
  3. And is not there?Okay, it does not matter, as most devices have the same standard IP or;
  4. Open any Internet browser, whether it is IE, Mozilla, Opera or Chrome - it does not matter;
  5. in the address bar (where the typed address of the site), enter or of them exactly fit;
  6. Before you open a browser tab with a request to enter a username and password.All these data have on the box or the back of the device modem, but we will assume that any of the above you can not find;
  7. again - again, manufacturers prefer to give the standard passwords and logins, or upon arrival at or password - admin, username - admin, or the username - user, password - user.Less: Login - admin, password - password.Some of these usernames and passwords are uniquely suited;
  8. enter your login and password, do not forget to check the box "Remember my credentials" that in the future go directly to the menu.After that, pressing "OK" and proceed to configure the modem.

Note: In the case where after the transition to the hardware configuration, you yourself have changed the default password and login, and now have forgotten them, will only reset to the factory.For this purpose, each modem has a special button, which you can reach via a thin stick (matches, toothpicks, needles).Clamped button for 20-30 seconds, then resets the settings and reboot.This procedure is performed in the case of reconfiguration of equipment under a different provider if a mistake in any of the menu items and you can not remember or find out where.

We hope that our article on how to go to the page of the router, help you in solving the problems associated with connecting and entering the hardware configuration.We wish you a stable Internet connection.

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