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for people of all ages, the Internet has become successfully replace the TV, so providers are actively fighting for its customers, striving to provide the best possible quality of service.Who wired internet fast and it can be connected for a short period of time.In addition, the companies that provide these services, greatly simplifies the interface, so users can customize their own Internet on your computer.

Yet, even for this simple procedure requires certain skills.In this article, we'll show you how to set up Internet Beeline home.


  1. In "Start" menu go to Control Panel.There must be found under Network and Internet, go to him and go to the next section titled View network status and tasks.
  2. Click the button Set up a new connection, through which we will be able to surf the internet.
  3. Now click on the button Connect to a workplace, and then press "Next".
  4. computer system be sure to ask which way you want to log on the World Wide Web.Since we set up the wired Internet Beeline, we need to se
    lect "Use the Internet connection VPN».
  5. field that will need to fill in his address, enter tp.internet.beeline.ru.
  6. in the appropriate column indicates the place of destination, in English letters.To do this, write the name of the provider (Beeline) and put a tick next to "Do not connect now and install."
  7. Then fill the field "Username" and "Password."At first we enter the username that you give the provider, and the second - digit reply-letter password.Later you can change it in your personal account on the official website.In order not to drive the password manually each time you connect, put a check mark in front of it (remember password) and click on the button "Create".
  8. settings made, the dialog box can be closed.

Now you need to go directly to the Internet through Beeline.Again, through the "Start" menu tab, find the center of the Network and Sharing Center.There you will see the item "Change adapter settings".If you correctly entered all the necessary information, you will see an icon for the connection named «Beeline».Right-click the looking "Settings" tab and remove the check mark there under "Enable domain logon Vindouz" and then the tab "Security" select the type of VPN, which should look like this: L2TP IPSecVPN.

now setup completely finished, you can click OK and enjoy the use of the Internet.

Window settings

connection from the router Beeline

This sequence of actions performed and the wireless Internet connection.First of all, you should make sure that he or laptop computer connected to the router.We start the browser (it is better to use the InternetExplorer) and type in the search field: will be prompted to enter a login and password, and in both cases write English letters the word «admin».

you open the settings window.First of all it is necessary to select the type of connection, in this case the WAN.Next, the system will ask you to define a more detailed method of connection (L2TP).

Fill two rows and IP-address and the server name and write there tp.internet.beeline.ru.When asked to enter a login and password, enter the same as at the beginning of the setting.

To get the correct connection, under "Address Type" select "Dynamic", but rather points MTU write numbers 1460 and check the box next to "Get automatically" and save your settings.

As practice shows, the router takes some time to process and save the settings, so wait about three minutes and can enjoy the use.

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