How to save video from YouTube Today, the Internet portal YouTube has a large number of different videos that are sometimes necessary to download to your computer.In this article, we'll show you how to save video from YouTube.

This portal is a whole video community where any registered user can show your video to users around the world.Also on this web-site you can find a variety of issues of television programs, music videos, documentaries, excerpts from films and cartoons.

Of course, for many users it is necessary to see this or that video several times.Therefore, if a video long enough, it is more convenient to download to your computer than to wait for complete download.By itself, YouTube does not provide for the possibility of downloading videos and offers users only watch them online.

1. Save the video via

Today, the problem with downloading video websites solved.To save the video, you can use the online services, including the most popular

Please log on to and locate the vid

eo that you go to download.Next, copy the address by highlighting it in the address bar and press «Ctrl + C».

After log into this site, you will see a line where it will be written "Specify the address of where you need to download a file."It must paste the address: Put the cursor in the line and use the keyboard shortcut «Ctrl + V».

Now click on the "Download" button to the right of the line.After a few seconds under the line will be a short information Download video: title, duration, source and even the image, serving as a preview.Also, a few links on the right will appear, depending on the options of video quality.To download simply click on one of the links.

2. Programs and plug-ins to download videos from YouTube

You can also use a special program called Flash Video Downloader.The principle of this application is similar to the principle used by online resources: you copy the address of the page with the video in the program, choose quality and start the download.The rest of the program will do.

Another is to talk about the special plug-ins that can be set for all modern browsers.Due to the same plug-ins as YouTube Video Download and SaveFrom, right on the page of the site YouTube will show a button to download a particular video.One need only to click on one of them, and the file will be loaded.However, developers of YouTube very often change the code page, so these plugins pretty fast becoming obsolete.

3. Change of address video

There is another way to upload videos to YouTube.Once you open the desired video, simply add to the top of the page address with the video two letters «S».For example, if the address of the page «», is to download clips need to write it so: «».The new address will take you to the website, which is written above.

As you could see, save videos from YouTube is simple enough and it does not require any special knowledge.It should be noted that downloading video files can be made both by the loader built into your browser, and with the help of special programs, which need to install it separately.

How to save video from YouTube