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Social networks are very popular among all ages and social classes.VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and other similar services are so firmly established in our lives that have become an integral part.Through social networks people communicate, meet and even start dating.But there is a downside.That is why the most popular searches in the search engines was the question "How do you know the password of someone else's page Bk?".

What if you need to get an account on FaceBook

Suppose you have forgotten the password of your own page.Restore it will not be absolutely no difficulty.You only need to click on the "Forgot your password" and follow the instructions of the system.You will receive a confirmation e-mail and mobile phone, to which you have tied your personal data.Again you will be able to access your account and change it.

But this information is known to almost anyone.Much more interesting is the password of someone else's page Bk.If you know the login and you come from the same computer, it may not b

e easy.Here only you need to think about if you really need it?Most people want to hack into someone else's account to check the guy or girl, just to have access to someone else's correspondence or information.Some people in this way, even promote their products or services, sending gotten advertising.

worth to warn that any of these actions are illegal and although the criminal responsibility for breaking into social networking sites is not provided, yet it does not fit with the concepts of morality and privacy.

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How do you know your password, knowing login

Suppose you very clearly decided for themselves that access to someone else's page, you vital and persuaded his conscience to remain silent.Ways to find out the password, knowing the login is still there.

  1. You can get the password from the country's Vkontakte through your browser "Mozilla".Go to the tab "Tools.Settings.Protection "and opposite the item" Save password "put a tick.Now you can only make so that you are interested in people sat in a social network with this computer, and all you need is saved automatically.Learn
  2. password via the form it used to be easier to restore.Now, this method works only if you have access to mobile phones and electronic mailbox of your object.Technology to receive a password, knowing the username is the same as for the restoration of their own.
  3. Special Programs.Trying to find in a search engine program that will select the password to the desired page, often fails.It is not that these programs do not.They really are, but in the public domain is difficult enough to find them, the more that their starting and running you need a good antivirus and certain skills when working with a computer.The creators of each such program will assure you that they guarantee a password on Vkontakte, knowing your login.But what you get in the best case - a fraudulent pumping money via SMS.In the worst case - to your computer will be installed so many Trojans and other malicious programs that can deal with them only a quality antivirus.
  4. can try to lure the administrator under the guise of a human data you want from the page.But this trick will lead a novice users of social networks.
  5. Programmers often used for hacking sites doubles your account right person.But if you do not have at least a basic knowledge of web programming, this way you will not do.

Before you try one of these methods, think it would be nice you know that your page is freely available in another person.Moreover, if the validity of a significant (or the machinations of jealous ex-boyfriend are not included here), you can always seek help from law enforcement authorities.

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