It does not work the video VKontakte popular social network VKontakte allows you to download videos and view them online.However, each user probably at least once faced with a situation where a particular video will not play.What if the video does not work VK ?

The reasons may be different, but conditionally can be divided into three large groups : causes the server side, the reasons for the provider and the reasons on the side of the user (ie, you).

If you have not downloaded the video VK due to a problem on the server , then the problem is likely to occur with individual videos (as the site is located on a large number of servers and various video uploaded on different servers).If this video on other sites (eg, YouTube) will be played normally.In this case, there is nothing you can do - is to wait until the problem is solved on the site.

Another reason that you are not working Video contact, can be low speed internet , which often blame the provider.In this case, the video is loaded on a bit, as if in spurts, and sometimes does not

play at all.

If you want to view the video right now, try choose lower quality playback .If this does not work, measure the speed of the Internet.If it was too low, contact your ISP technical support and solve the problem with him.

But the most common reason that the video does not show the VK - is a problem with the user's browser (you can check this by trying to play the video using a different browser).Chances are, you or an older version of the plugin to view flash video, or one of the installed add-ons for the browser does not normally play video.

If you have not installed the latest version of the browser, update it to the latest version .You can try to reinstall the browser (and remove supply from the ground), but do not forget to bookmark this so as not to lose all their belongings back-breaking labor.

also a good idea to reinstall Adobe Flash Player;it is desirable not to install the new version over the old one player, and completely remove the old and only then install a new one.

Also, the problem may be conflict between the video card drivers and flash player .To solve it, click on the video itself, right-click, the context menu item "Settings" and uncheck the "Enable hardware acceleration".

You can also try disable ad-blocking plug-ins for .They are, incidentally, can be part of both the browser and anti-virus software or firewall, so think what installed on your computer, the program can block flash My Content, and temporarily disable them all.If the problem was in this, you will need to add a site to the exceptions list respective plug-ins / programs.

If you installed any add- to download audio or video from VK , try to disable them, and check whether the video played.Of course, you can say, addition I have is for a long time, and problems with playing the video appeared just now.

But the fact that the site is constantly evolving and developers can make certain changes relating to the video playback .If the developer plug-in for your browser did not have time to update it with the latest changes on the site, with video playback problems may occur.

Finally, clear your browser cache and check your computer for viruses: suffer from it just will not be, but in some cases helps.

to you as little as possible problems with video playback, need to regularly update your browser and Flash Player , making sure that your computer has always been current software version.

It does not work the video VKontakte