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common problem owners of phones, especially Android-devices.Often, at home we do not have wi-fi routers, but really want to have unlimited access to the network to download some useful software, games, applications, and we are faced with the problem of how to connect to the Internet from your computer to the phone?

Out there, but would have to "dig deeper".

Instructions how to connect the phone through a computer Internet

Immediately warn that if do not want to mess around, you'd better buy a wi-firouter or learn to make wi-fi access point via a PC or laptop.

Before beginning a detailed description of what to do, make sure that you have a route-right on the phone and on the PC for the driver, and then locate and download the AndroidTerminalEmulator and BusyBox.

  1. connected via USB wire your device to a PC;
  2. To enable debugging, go to the menu nastroekèdop.OptsiièUSB debug and vice versa «usb debugging" tick exhibit;
  3. disables USB-drive (drive);
  4. Again, open the "Settings" the "Wireless Networks"
    later "Mobile networks";
  5. menu mobile networks remove the check mark from the "Data";
  6. Open your phone, then wireless networks, then shared modem.Put a check mark beside the general usb-modem.In the case where this is not possible (gray line with a modem), reboot your smartphone and run again to claim 6;Setting up your phone
  7. If all items are OK, it will automatically install hardware drivers.Wait until the process is completed;
  8. On the PC open a window in which to go "home network."In the event that there is nothing, it does not matter, misses the point;
  9. On the PC go into the center of the Network and Sharing Center.There you should find a new connection;
  10. On the computer go in the settings of Internet connections;
  11. pass in the box on the tab "Access" and allow the mobile device to use the Internet from your computer, put a tick.In the settings everywhere Tick.How to perform - click OK;
  12. now run the application AndroidTerminalEmulator, which I requested to establish at the outset;
  13. Write the following: sunetcfg;
  14. should appear in the address line USB0.Copy the IP address and subnet mask.The mask is as follows (for example):, and so IP: (you will have a similar, but with different numbers);
  15. By analogy with p.10-11 go in the internet connection on the PC;
  16. In the window click "Properties" and go to Settings TCP \ IP protocol version 4;
  17. ticks to automatically determine and impose a specific IP address that you previously copied to the emulator.The address you copied from the program AndroidTerminalEmulator little change, the last digit of set 1. Example: The program generated IP, we need to make -;
  18. Hit "Apply" button and close the window.Go back to the phone;
  19. Run AndroidTerminalEmulator;
  20. Writing in the application command as in the image below (written in blue marker last digits - ones that I take an example. You have to enter your IP!)

screen with ip

That's all.No more dancing with tambourines not required.If done right, it can be assumed that the question of how to connect the phone through the computer to the Internet, we understand.

Do not forget that, after all the settings, the device requires a reboot.In the future, the Internet connection, all 20 settlements there is no need to do, simply connect your phone to your computer, go to the menu and activate debugging and USB-modem, and then, in the programme- emulator, write commands shown in the last screenshot in the guide.

connected mobile