How to check the balance on card via Sberbank interenete

Today, Internet technology has long been part of our lives and have become indispensable helpers, not only in communication, finding the right information, but also in dealing with everyday issues.With the help of the World Wide Web, we can not only buy goods and services, but also to successfully manage our financial condition.If you are the owner of a payment card Savings Bank, then from now on you can easily find out the costs and benefits over time, what operations were made with your credit card, and, most importantly, to see through to the map.

Step one, connect the service "Mobile bankingĀ»

If you have a desire to use the full range of services Savings Bank via the Internet, you will need to connect the service "Mobile Banking".This is done in three ways: through ATMs or payment terminals, using the call-center operator Savings Bank or in any branch with the participation of a consultant.The most convenient way to do this is with the help of payment terminal or ATM, following the menu promp

ts, it will take you a little over two minutes.

For information: If you plan to connect the service by telephone, please call one of the numbers listed contact center (495) 500-00-05, (495) 788-92-72, (800) 729 -3-747.Consultants you will need to provide your passport details and answer the security questions concerning the opening of your card.

In all three cases, you select the appropriate data plan (enough to save) confirming your mobile phone, which will continue to be assigned to the option that waits for the day when the service is activated.

After activating this option, you will receive a notification on your mobile phone.Once you receive an SMS with the information that your card is connected to a "mobile bank", then you should get a special ID and password to access the control system of the Savings Bank.This can be done through the payment terminal, ATM or using customer service Sberbank.Password and ID code, do not disclose to anyone, keep out of reach of unauthorized persons.

Checking account status online

Once you have linked your card to the service "Mobile Banking", to monitor their savings on the map even easier.To do this, you will need to visit the site (Sberbank office network), enter the ID and receive a password, and then in front of you will appear a window with the state of your credit card account.

In the menu "my bank card" you will see the amount, which is currently on your payment card.

How to check the balance on card via Sberbank interenete

If you want to know more not only about the current balance of your card Savings Bank, and its period of use, the limit of what the department is issued and when, you need only click on the number of cards (there may be several), before and afteryou will see all the information that you are interested in.

How to check the balance on card via Sberbank interenete

Once you are able to check the money in your account and find information of interest, you should definitely get out of the online system to warn your account from fraud.

As you can see, nothing daunting to see the score on the map there.Menu of the system is designed in a clear and convenient way.Keep track of your resources is now easier than ever.Let the state of your balance is increasing!