How to Install Firefox Today, there are many Internet browsers.One of the most popular of such programs is Firefox.He is appreciated not only the usual web surfing enthusiasts, but also professional Web developers, because this browser is designed for a lot of plug-ins for creating online resources.In this article we will tell, how to install Firefox computer.

First of all it should be said that Firefox browser distributed free of charge .It is also worth noting that the program is available for operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and even for Android.Firefox is translated into 84 languages, indicating its widespread throughout the world.At the moment, this does by popularity ranks third and second among the free software.

In 2008, the third version of the browser came in the Guinness Book of Records the program, the distribution of which scored the maximum number of downloads per day.For the first 24 hours of the browser was downloaded more than 8 million users.As a comparison, the program Opera 9.50 5 days downl

oad less than 5 million people.

To install Firefox, you must first download it from the official distribution site .You can then proceed directly to the installation.First of all, the installer will ask you to select a language.In the list there are Russian, so select it and press the button «Next» .You will then need to accept the license agreement by clicking «Take» .

now in a special dialog box, you will need to choose the type of installation .In that case if you go to install the program in a specific folder, you must select «Custom Installation» .In turn, if you select «preset» , the browser will be installed in the Program Files folder on drive C. Click «OK» and wait for the installer copies all files of the program.

At the end of the installation dialog box appears with information about the completion of the process, which will need to press the button «Finish» .After that, the Firefox browser will start automatically.If not, just click the shortcut icon that has appeared on your desktop.

Usually after installing Internet browser Firefox copies all bookmarks created in Internet Explorer .Also, the distribution comes with the Firefox panel Google Toolbar, the number of functions that depend only on the version of the installed browser.

should also talk about what Google Toolbar .This special supplement to the browser created to expand their functions, among which there is a window separate line search, translator, spell checking, bookmarks, and more.

addition to Google Toolbar for the Firefox browser, you can set a number of other plug-ins.A prime example is ImgLikeOpera - extension that significantly improves the transfer speed of the pages through a special mechanism for displaying images.Yet there is a special plugin for blocking banners and other forms of advertising.Many extensions can be found on the official website of the browser.

How did you make sure to install Firefox, you do not need to exert much effort: download and installation processes do not represent anything complex.

How to Install Firefox