How to Draw on the computer man painted at all times.In the history of a huge number of tools and materials for this class.In the age of information technology one of these tools is a personal computer for which it was created a myriad of free and paid programs for working with graphics.In this article we will tell, how to draw on the computer .

Windows operating system has built-in drawing program .Find it is quite simple: you will need to enter the menu «Start» , select «All the programs» , then enter the folder «Standard» , where you click on «Paint» .This program has all the necessary tools to create the most basic picture: brush, pencil, eraser, filling sealed areas, and more.Paint is perfect to pass the time of drawing.

However, to create a serious image need much more advanced programs .It should be noted that the two-dimensional graphics computer is divided into two types: raster and vector .The first involves a grid of pixels of a fixed size.Draw on your computer, using this kind of graphics, you can program Adobe Photoshop , which is paid, but at the same time, this program is considered the most powerful tool for working with raster graphics.She enjoyed many professional designers and photographers worldwide.

There are also free programs of this kind, one of them called Gimp ».Many say it as a pretty good alternative to the program Adobe Photoshop.The Gimp has all the necessary tools for free drawing and photo editing.

As for vector graphics, its principle is based on the use of basic geometric objects: points, splines, lines, and polygons.In addition, each object is defined mathematical function mapping.The biggest advantage of this graphic is considered the possibility of increasing the size of the image without losing quality.

most outstanding representatives of paid programs to work with vector graphics are Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator .They are widely used in printing designers, designers of fonts and illustrators.

However, among the free software has a vector editing Inkscape , which is ideal to draw on the computer.Moreover, this program can be used as a CAD system for creating technical illustrations.

should also talk about the graphics tablet , which are designed to draw on the computer by hand.Their work consists in the fact that you're driving a special pen on the tablet surface, and the software translates the touch pen from the plane in the points and lines.In addition, modern expensive models of these devices are able to detect even the pressing force, so you can paint thinner or thicker lines.

most well-known manufacturers of graphics tablets is considered Wacom .Prices for its production can be varied 100 to $ 6000.

As you could see, in order to draw on the computer, you need only to install any editing but if you want to buy a tablet.If this is not possible, you can use a standard graphical editor that comes with the operating system.

How to Draw on the computer