How to protect your computer Absolutely each user wonders, how to protect your computer from viruses or from the acquisition of information by others.In this article we will talk about the installation of various software with security features, as well as the importance of setting a password.

To protect your computer from viruses that are most likely to be on the car when viewing questionable web resources, need to install the software with the function of so-called "wall» .The principle of operation of such programs is to monitor the content of incoming and outgoing packets on time using the Internet or a local network.These applications are called "firewalls" or "firewalls", among which are the AGAVA Firewall and Comodo Firewall .They are free, and distributions of these programs can be easily found on the World Wide Web.

Recently popular program Comodo Firewall, as it copes with protection against Internet attacks and buffer overflows .At the same time, it is not demanding and not much load on the system.The program is not

cross-platform and runs on the Windows operating system versions XP, 7 and Vista.

also to protect your computer, necessarily need to install antivirus software on it .Today, there are so many similar software.Among the free application deserves special attention antivirus Avast , which, according to the official website of the program, used by more than 161 million users.There is also a version of this anti-virus for Android-devices, which reflects its broad functionality.

As for paid antivirus software, it is very popular among users of the CIS countries are: Anti privateering, NOD32, Dr.Web and many others.Remember that no matter how anti-virus software you may use, you will need to regularly update its database.All modern antivirus programs have built-in automatic update their databases via the Internet.

If you decide to install a paid program, we recommend how to find information about each antivirus : the effectiveness of the work, as well as how these applications work affects the functioning of the computer in general.Find out how often updated the virus database of these programs.Otherwise you risk to spend money for nothing.

worth to talk about paid antivirus Symantec , which already has built-in "wall" to protect your computer by filtering network packets.So enough to install on your computer to install only one program that performs two functions.

In order to protect your computer, you must also install only those applications that are downloaded from reliable sources , but not from dubious sites.

We should talk about install a password on the computer , as it will protect the machine from being used by others, which can cause damage.Password is desirable to come up with a more complicated, for it is recommended to use alternating letters of both upper and lower case, and you can also use numbers.In this case, the work program, select the password, considerably more complicated.

Finally it should be said that to protect your computer is fairly simple.The main thing - immediately after installing the operating system take care of installation of special software and come up with a strong password to log on .

How to protect your computer