Free File Manager Double Commander Some users instead of the standard Windows Explorer prefer to work with files and folders File manager, which have two equivalent panel for easy operation.As an example of such a program, let's look at a cross-platform file manager free Double Commander .

Double Commander of its functionality is very similar to the popular two-pane file manager Total Commander, moreover, it is compatible with its plug-ins. The main difference is that programs , that Total Commander - it's proprietary software is closed source, distributed under license Shareware (shareware software).Furthermore, Total Commander works only in Microsoft Windows.

Double Commander, in turn, is freeware open source , licensed under GNU GPL v2.It is cross-platform software that runs in Microsoft Windows, and to Linux (in the GNOME desktop environment, and KDE).There are versions of the program for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

first alpha release of the program Double Commander (0.3 alpha) on December 26, 2007.Last current version of the file manager - 0.5.4 beta 1 April 2012.Currently Double Commander is under active development.

What features has the free file manager?As already mentioned, Double Commander is largely similar to its proprietary analog of Total Commander, and therefore has similar characteristics.However, let's take a closer a look at the features of the program ain .

Double Commander - is Unicode-compliant application.All operations in the application running in the background. The most useful operations include tool group (plural) renaming files, the possibility of an extended search for files (including text within files) checksum files.

Double Commander allows you to work not only with files and folders, but also archives .At the same time work with archives adjusted in the same way as the work with subdirectories.This means that the application makes it easy to copy files to and from archives.The program supports the following types of archives: TAR GZ, TGZ, ZIP, LZMA, RPM, BZ2, DEB, CPIO, RAR.

Interface program flexible enough , the appearance of the file manager, you can easily change its numerous settings.It supports tabs, there is also the ability to customize columns and the toolbar by adding or removing a button to start the internal menu commands or external programs.

Double Commander has a built-in text editor , equipped with syntax highlighting, as well as built-in tool view files , which allows you to view files in text, binary or hexadecimal format.Among other useful features worth mentioning logging file operations and support for plugins from Total Commander (WCX, WDX, WLX).

Despite the fact that the free file manager Double Commander is still in the beta stage of development, its features and functionality comparable to the popular two-pane file manager Total Commander and Krusader. Benefits Double Commander to these file managers - open source (which is not in Total Commander) and cross-platform (than can boast developed for Linux Krusader).

application can be downloaded from download available distributions for Windows (as a full and portable version), and GNU / Linux (DEB packages, RPM packages and portable version), as well as the source code and documentation in Russian and Ukrainian languages.There Russian forum support , where you can get answers to questions on how to use, should they arise.

Free File Manager Double Commander