How to cut a song on your computer Many times even have the desire to put as a ringtone to your favorite song.However, quite often it does not like all music, but only a certain fragment.In this article we will tell, how to cut a song on your computer .

Today we can find a lot of free and paid programs to cut songs.Among the paid software is to provide Sony Sound Forge .The application is quite old (the last version was released back in 2010), but the program is still very popular, as it differs intuitive interface and ease of use.In addition, Sony Sound Forge runs under the operating system Microsoft Windows, and for Mac OS X. Also, the Internet can find a lot of lessons that show how to use the full functionality of the application.

program is able to work with only one track , but it is possible to impose a number of effects and save the resulting audio files in almost any audio format.

As free software, in order to cut a song on your computer, perfect mp3DirectCut , the distribution of which can be easily found on the World Wide

Web.Download it, and install the application.

Then run the program and choose the desired MP3-file you want to cut.You can use the menu item «File» , where select «Open» or simply drag the selected track in the workspace of the program.Then select the desired point in the song.If you wish, you can even listen to it.

addition, in the menu "Edit" it is possible to make the attenuation (Fade Out) or an increase (Fade In) said fragment.There is also an opportunity to raise the volume when necessary.

Once the desired track is selected and edited, go to the menu «File» and select the item «Save Selection» .Then, specify the destination folder and come up with a name for the new file.Now, you can copy it to the mobile phone and set as ringtone or alarm.

Also worth noting is that there are online services to perform similar operations on files of various audio formats.One of these services is Mp3cut .It supports formats flac, wav, wma, mp3, ogg, aac, and many others.Also this effect can be added when the rise and decay at the end and the beginning of the track.In addition, the accuracy of trimming can be set to the millisecond, and the download size for handling the track is practically unlimited.

more should pay attention to the built-in function inversion , which allows you to remove from the finished tunes a certain part of the middle.For example, one song can be cut all the verses and choruses just leave.

There are many analogues of this online service, for example, «MP3 Cutter", "Mobilizio» .

As you could see, in order to cut a song on your computer, do not need any special knowledge in the field of sound engineering.Suffice it download and install a specific program or use the online services , which is pretty fast and convenient.Hopefully, in this article tips will be useful.

How to cut a song on your computer