How to make a video of photos with music Photo preserve precious memories for years to come: so is pleased to meet with family or friends watching photo albums.In recent years, given way to a conventional digital photos, photo albums and instead we prefer to view clips from the beautiful pictures accompanied by music.About that, how to make video from pictures with music , tells the Soviet Union.

Create clips (slideshow) of the photos - is a great way to organize their own photos , because such clips, you can create collections of images, such as a trip to the sea, a romantic date, and so on. D. If a beautiful slide-Show of the photographs and add music, the resulting video can be a wonderful gift for a loved one.

To create a video from photos requires special software .It can be as firmware operating system and installed separately.Today, there is just a huge number of programs designed specifically to create videos from pictures.Among these programs there are both paid and free.Opportunities every program is different, and everyone choo

ses his liking one that most suits his needs.

Popular software to create videos from pictures

Windows Movie Maker - a program for creating movies from photos and videos, which previously came with by Windows.In this program you can customize as desired effects accompanying the change of photos, adding music to the clip, captions and titles, as well as to apply to photographs of various decorative effects.The result of work on the music video can be recorded to a file mp4, emailed and written to disk.

Windows Movie Maker is available for these versions of Windows like Windows XP, Windows XP Media Center Edition and Windows Vista.For later in the alternative the usual Windows Movie Maker is offered Studio Windows .This program can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft Web site in the package Windows Live.

Photo Story - a free program from Microsoft.To make a clip of the photos in this program, you can download it to 200 different photos, add music file, select the appropriate effects.This program is not officially supported on Windows Vista and Windows 7, but it can still be installed on the OS, and that for 32-and 64-bit versions.

ProShow Producer from Photodex - one of the most popular paid software to create videos from pictures.Features of this program are very broad.With this program, the clip of the photos can be decorated with complex effects, because in ProShow Producer supports work with different layers of images, as well as apply a very flexible time management demonstration of each photo.The program has a large number of built-in effects change photos, font effects.

Slideshow - paid online program to easily create musical slide show of photos.You can choose from three versions of the program: basic, standard and premium.Premium version is more expensive, but it is the most extensive functionality.It is noteworthy that the results can be saved for publishing on the Internet or viewing on mobile devices and for viewing in HD quality on large screens.

Whichever program is chosen, from photos to make a video with music better able the person, not a soulless machine.Yet in the majority of programs for creating slide shows supported automated modes in which only a few mouse clicks, you can make full clips from the photos.In such cases, the effects are usually chosen by chance, you just pick your desired photo and music file.

Beautiful video of the photos - it wonderful memory of moments of life dear to .Photos from the birthday celebrations, corporate parties, weddings will be especially look good in this form.Do not be afraid to realize their creative potential in such an interesting and exciting hobby.

How to make a video of photos with music