How to recover deleted photos Almost every owner of digital cameras accidentally deletes one or more images.In addition, such a situation could happen as a result of a malfunction in the camera used a flash drive.In this article we will tell, how to recover deleted photos .

first consider the most common technical problems , which can lead to the loss of photos on the drive.Very often this is due to the mechanical and electrical damage.These include feeding problems, the consequences of falls, moisture and bending device circuits.In such cases, particular photos restore is possible only after the repair of the drive.

Still, there are so-called logical fault , which occur, usually due to improper removal of the device from the computer.Typically, in this case on the device itself does not have any visible physical damage and flash drive is recognized by the operating system and problems arise only when reading or writing data .

to recover deleted photos, need specific software to be installed on the computer .Today on the Internet you can find a myriad of free and paid applications that can perform such a task.

Specially designed for photo recovery program RS Photo Recovery .This application is paid.It is worth $ 50.However this program has a very user-friendly interface , and it has a preview feature images.It allows you to choose from a myriad of snapshots only those in which there is a need.This allows you to save time on the procedure of recovery.

As for the free software, you can restore deleted photos help programs such as Unstoppable Copier, Recuva and PC Inspector File Recovery .

All these applications have one operating principle : First you select the drive or folder to scan and run the processing space, after this operation, the program will display a list of deleted files.Also worth noting is that in addition to the application file names indicate the probability of their recovery .From this list, the user selects the files and runs the recovery by pressing the appropriate button.

addition to recovery of photos from flash drives, because these programs can recover files of any type, emptied from Recycle Bin, as well as any other area of ​​your hard disk .It is also worth noting that the program Recuva a search string, you can quickly restore the file you want, knowing his name or extension.

One of the features of the application PC Inspector File Recovery is to restore files to their original date and time of creation.In addition, this program works perfectly with ZIP-archives .

As you could see, in order to restore the deleted photos from a flash drive or hard drive, do not need any programming skills or information processing. need only install one of the programs offered .It should also be noted that the recovery process will not take much time.Just a few minutes after its launch, you can enjoy making photographs.Hopefully, the recommendations described in this article will help you.

How to recover deleted photos