How to install a driver on a laptop More and more people prefer laptops, rejecting the use of bulky desktop computers.However, your product even after installing the operating system will not work properly without specific software.In this article we will tell, how to install the driver on a laptop .

Usually, supplied advanced mobile computer does not include software .However, it can be downloaded for free from the official website of the laptop manufacturer or from special online resources dedicated to drivers in general.

software can be available for download both parts and are complete in accordance with the model of your laptop.

To install the driver on a laptop, should be downloaded to another computer , and then later transfer them to the required laptop by using a flash drive.First of all, you need to install the software chipset (CPU).Very often, this driver includes software for Ethernet-controller (NIC).After installation, be sure to restart the laptop.If your mobile PC has a processor AMD, the driver for the network card

installed separately.

followed by install the driver for your video card .Identify the model of your video adapter can be labels on the device or on the description of the characteristics of the laptop.Most of these devices is equipped with ATI or Nvidia.Note that before installing the drivers for ATI video cards in some cases it is necessary to install library Microsoft .NET Framework .Otherwise, the software for the graphics card can not be established.Also, after installing the driver for your video card, you must restart the notebook.

You can now install the software for the sound card .It is necessary for the correct reproduction of the sound, as well as the possibility of using a microphone.

As touchpad , it usually works fine so without installing the drivers.However, special software allows you to include a number of additional functions.For example, it is possible to scroll through the pages at the same time touching and movement of two fingers on the touchpad.Also, changing the distance between the fingers, you can zoom into the page displayed on the screen.These features significantly facilitate the use of the laptop, so do not neglect installing drivers for touchpad .

then usually set drivers for Wi-Fi, card reader, a TV tuner (if any), webcam and Bluetooth .As for the latter, before installing the software for Bluetooth, make sure that your notebook model has a special adapter as the button to enable / disable Bluetooth still about what does not speak.As a general rule, if your device supports this type of wireless connection on its bottom is a sticker with the Bluetooth sign the letter «B», consisting of two triangles.

Finally it is worth noting that on some laptops have key «Fn» , for use in combination with other keys, allowing you to change the sound volume, screen brightness, and control other functions.In order for this key to work properly, for it should also install a special program called Launch Manager .

How did you make sure to install the drivers for the laptop is quite simple.It is only necessary to download all the necessary distributions , using another computer that is connected to the Internet.

How to install a driver on a laptop