How to cut out the music video Quite often after watching a movie or any video there is a desire to get used soundtrack that impressed.In this article we will tell, how to cut music from video .

resort to such a procedure is necessary when finding involved in film music can not or simply do not have the possibility to download it from the Internet.First of all need specific software to work with video files .

In order to cut the music from video, can use the software VirtualDub .It is distributed for free, and distribution for the installation of this application can be easily found on the World Wide Web.In addition, its size is small enough so the download time takes a little.

Installing the program is not a big deal.After running the executable file distribution need only choose the installation path.The rest of the program will make the installer itself.

After starting VirtualDub enter the menu «File» and select «Open video file» .In the dialog box, browse to the video file.Opening it, put the first mark at the beginning

of the movie, and the second - in the first frame of the clip with the music you like .Now press Delete, to remove part of the video, going to a musical track.Next put the first mark on the last frame of the clip with the music, and the second - on the last frame of the whole video .Again, click Delete.

Now the program was only a small portion of the video with the desired piece of music.Enter the menu «File» and select «Save WAV» .After that save the audio file in WAV, over which still have to work.

In order to make a sound file format MP3, need a program Free WAV MP3 Converter .It is also free, and all the files required for its installation can be easily found on the Internet.In addition, if the WAV-file has turned the small size, you can use an online converter to not install on your computer the extra programs.An example of such a service is , where it is possible to process not only audio, but even images.

In addition, such a task is able to handle the application Windows Movie Maker , coming complete with by Windows.Simply save the selected WAV-file format MP3.Now the song is ready, it can be copied to the MP3-player and listen.

also worth mentioning that there is another way to cut the music out of the video using the same program.Annex VirtualDub can do without cutting extra pieces of track. could just save the entire movie in one sound WAV-file , then cut a piece of the right by using the Free WAV MP3 Converter or Windows Movie Maker.

Another is to talk about free software Lucky Video Converter , which is able to cut music not only from video files located on your hard disk, but of video site YouTube .The app has a very simple and intuitive interface, so it can work with each user.Among

paid software can distinguish Sony Vegas - program for video editing, ability to convert both video and audio in different formats.

How did you make sure to cut the music out of the video is simple.All you need to do, - software , which can be found and downloaded from the Internet.We hope contained in this article will help you to cut the audio track from a video file.

How to cut out the music video