How to install free antivirus One of the main elements of the mandatory software is any computer antivirus.There are a lot of free and paid programs of this type.However, not everyone has the opportunity to buy the software.In this article we will tell, how to install free antivirus .

installation was by the example of the popular antivirus Avast .However, be aware that the free version of this application is available only for assembly «Home» .In turn, the version «For business» is paid.

First distribution antivirus must be downloaded from the official site .Once downloaded, run the installation program.To install the free antivirus Avast, you should know that it is not recommended to install it if you have installed any other program that performs the same function.

After running the installer, click «Express Install» .This type of installation indicates that the installation will take place with the settings at default.In addition, at this stage, Avast can offer you to install the Internet browser Google Chrome, if it was

not previously installed.

Installing antivirus takes a couple of minutes.Upon its completion, a dialog box appears that says «Installation complete» .

Next need to register the installed program .Despite the fact that the application is free to hold such a procedure still need.After the first run anti-virus in the main window, you will see a button «Register your program» .Click on it and in the next screen that appears choose the basic type of protection.After that you should fill out a very simple form in which you want to provide your name, email address and country.Then click on the button "Register for a free license."

Then to your mailbox will receive a letter about the successful registration program .Next, go to the antivirus software will offer 20 days trial version of Avast Internet Security for comparison.However, we recommend to start the install version Free Antivirus.In the paid version, you can go whenever you want.To reject an offer to install the trial version, you simply close the dialog box by clicking on the X in the upper right corner.

is worth noting that in 365 days, registration will be required to pass again.As you could see, install Avast Free Antivirus is quite simple .It requires only access to the World Wide Web to download the distribution program.

also need to emphasize that the application has quite user-friendly interface .Is Avast automatically immediately after starting the operating system.The primary means of protection is the so-called Anti- screen filesystem , which monitors absolutely all operations taking place on the file.The program also has network and postal screens to monitor the operation of the network and checking e-mail messages for viruses.More Avast antivirus is equipped with very advanced heuristic analysis function, effective against suspicious programs, of which there is no information in the virus database.

addition, program there are several ways you can scan , the ability to lock the specified Internet resources and automated sandbox - a function to run suspicious programs in a special mode by which running applications will not be able to harm the operating system.

Finally it must be said that in addition there are several Avast free antivirus software, for example, Avira, AVG and others.We have considered the installation of a single application, as installation procedure in all programs of this type is very similar .

How to install free antivirus