«Bad Piggies»: the game from the creators of «Angry Birds» Despite the fact that in the popular game «Angry Birds» funny green pigs acted as enemies, they liked a lot of players that the Finnish company Rovio Entertainment has decided to launch a spin-off games, in which players had the opportunity to play for the pigs.Released September 27, 2012 the game was called «Bad Piggies» («Ugly pig").

The game «Bad Piggies» player helps pigs to collect pieces of cards, with which they can find and steal the eggs of birds.To do this, from scrap materials to construct intricate devices , moving by land or by air.Built by ground or air vehicle shall deliver the pig with freckles from the starting point to finish the level, you will need to perform perfectly even and level data job.

Some devices are made from materials already familiar to us the game «Angry Birds» (stone, wood).But the player can be offered and other (often unusual) articles and materials , which can also be used to create designs: wheels, bottles of sparkling water, umbrellas (to improve aerodynamic d

rag), motors, blades, balloons, TNT and others.

As «Angry Birds», the game «Bad Piggies» one level player can earn up to three stars .However, stars are earned not set points.Instead, the player gets one star for completing the level automatically.Two other stars, which can be obtained at a level that might earn:

  • passing level for a certain amount of time;
  • finding a box with stars on the playing field;
  • without using a specific item (for example, wheels);
  • prevent the unit fall apart before it reaches the finish line;
  • deliver up to the finish, not only pig with freckles, but also the King of pigs.
For example, at the level of 1-1 players can earn three stars, after passing a level playing field for finding a box with stars and not allowing the vehicle to fall apart before they reach the finish line. On some levels it is impossible to earn all three stars for the first time , so you'll have to pass the level several times.

If the player does not get to pass a certain level, he can call for help pig Mechanical .The «Bad Piggies» she performs the same function as the mighty eagle «Angry Birds».Built pig-vehicle mechanic assures you passing the level at which you are "stuck".

At the moment, there were two episodes of the game «Bad Piggies»: «Ground Hog Day» («Day of earth pig) and « When Pigs Fly » (« When pigs fly ").The main difference lies in episodes that in the first episode is necessary to build land vehicles, and in the second - preferably air.

Each episode consists of 45 levels .36 levels are opened as you progress through the game, the remaining 9 - after the player will take a certain number of levels on the three stars.At the level of the skull hidden (ten per episode).After finding all the skulls, the player gets access to additional content.

also «Bad Piggies» there bonus episode «Sand Box» («sandbox"), which is not included in the total number of episodes.It consists of several experimental levels, some of which opened as the player passes the main episodes and for the opening of the second part of the need to collect the skull.At each level, the player has to collect 20 stars to collect vehicles from a virtually unlimited number of parts and components.

Now game «Bad Piggies» is available for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac OS , plans to release versions for Windows phone and Windows 8. Download a game best with the project's official website (badpiggies.com), since there were cases Distributiondistribution of viruses disguised as «Bad Piggies».Once on the site you can read funny comics about "nasty pigs."