How to open RAW RAW - a format that contains the raw data.In digital photography, the format occupies an important position since it does not mean compression, thus saving the image occurs without data loss.In this article we will tell, how to open RAW .

should be noted that in addition to the photos the format used in shooting video and recording .RAW file can have a variety of extensions, such as photos taken with cameras Canon, will be saved with the extension CR2 or CRW, Nikon cameras use the NEF and expand NRW, Pentax - PTX and PEF, Hasselblad - 3FR and so on.

To open RAW, you must install certain software.From paid applications can be identified Adobe Lightroom and Capture One .Also in the program there is a free Adobe Photoshop plug Adobe Camera Raw for "developing" files in this format.

As free software, it is worth noting RawTherapee .The distribution of this application can be easily found on the Internet and downloaded to your computer.The installation program is not a big deal.You need only specify t

he folder in which you will install.

to just open the RAW and not to resort to image editing, it is enough to install a free program Picasa .It is an ordinary viewer with a rather pleasant decor.Click on the desired RAW-file right-click and from the context menu select «Open with ...» .In the list of programs available to view, select, and then Picasa OK .The image will open.

But consider a more detailed version of a photo editing.As you know, pictures taken, even the most expensive cameras in its original form looks very dim: colors are weak, there is no contrast and so on.

principle of operation of any program for handling RAW-files one: you import the library applications the number of photos, and then open them one by one and make changes .In addition, many programs have a function batch editing, which saves processing time.

brief look at the most important photo-editing options.First of all, pay attention to the option «temperature» .It is necessary for those cases when during the shooting you put the wrong white balance and picture turned out in cold or warm shades.

also plays an important role «Exposure» .Feel free to pick up the slider, as most of the pictures have very poor brightness.Changing this option does not result in a loss of image quality, as can occur if do the same operation with the JPG-file.

sure to lift the "Contrast" at 20-30 units , to reinforce the difference between shades of colors.When you move the slider to this option, all the dark colors become darker, and all light - lighter.Photo will be more "alive".It is advisable to add «Saturation» , so that the colors have ceased to be very dim.Other options can be changed to your liking.After making adjustments to export the modified image with the extension JPG.

How did you make sure to open RAW quite simple.All you need to do, - special software , which can be found and downloaded for free.We hope contained in this article will help you to open and edit the captured images.

How to open RAW