New Yandeks.Brauzer Back in 2011, the company Yandex actively engaged in the development of its own internet browser.The reason was the introduction of Google Chrome browser to your search capabilities only through its own search engine, which led to a decrease in the number of users of the Russian search engine. New Yandeks.Brauzer also got a search string, and is provided with a number of other functions.

application can be downloaded for free from 1 October 2012 with the official website of the program .For the company Yandex own browser is a "strategic facility" that can fix the position of the search company's Internet search market.

New Yandeks.Brauzer as browser from Google, is based on Chromium , however, went much further.First of all, pay attention to the design of the program.Tabs have become rectangular, not beveled as other browsers that betrays the application more solidity.

Design browser interface can be attributed to minimalism : line to enter the address and search buttons "Back" and "Yandex", as wel

l as the settings button in the upper right corner.

Separately need to pay attention to the address bar , combined with a search string .On the right side it has a kind of sharpening characteristic of the logos of all products of the company Yandex.

In addition, when you open a new tab displaying logos of major Internet resources that the user visits most frequently.Also new Yandeks.Brauzer able to display various additional information obtained from these resources , for example, the number of unread messages in the "Yandeks.Pochte" number of requests for the addition of friends in various social networks and so on.Thus the usual static blocks turned into widgets.

The new browser all the files when downloading tested Antivirus Lab privateering .Also, the address bar is able to self-correct words that were introduced with the wrong keyboard layout.It belongs to the popular Yandex program Punto Switcher to automatically switch the layout, which uses a huge number of users.

Even in new browser built need Adobe Flash Player and viewer PDF-files .The program also integrates a translator ("Yandeks.Perevod"), capable of working with nine languages, which include English, French, German and Ukrainian.This will allow users to surf the web even on foreign websites.The function includes the ability to transfer both individual sentences and entire web pages.

addition, developers should consider the possibility of easy transfer of all settings from other browsers : can easily be imported into all your bookmarks and saved passwords.

New Yandeks.Brauzer available for download, not only for the operating system Microsoft Windows, but under and Mac OS X .

Summarizing, we can say that does managed to combine the simple interface and extensive , capable of providing relatively quick and safe operation of the World Wide Web.

Finally it must be said that in the next plans of the company Yandex enters with Creating application store for the operating system Android .The new service will be called Yandex Store.He is expected to be a serious competitor Google Play.However, the new store is announced only among developers.When it will be available for general use are not yet known.

New Yandeks.Brauzer