How to install Mac OS X operating system from Apple is very easy and convenient to use.Furthermore, it is reliable and stable in operation.In this article we will tell, how to install Mac OS X .

First of all you need to dispel a few myths associated with the procedure of installation of the operating system.Many believe that Mac OS X can be installed only on computers with Intel processors and graphics cards Nvidia .Once it was true, but today the operating system developed by Apple, is compatible with most modern devices.

Another myth associated with the complexity of the installation.In fact the installation of this system is as easy installation Windows XP .However, if you first have to deal with "apple" of the operating system, it is possible that this process may seem a little unusual.

To install Mac OS X, you need computer configuration is not specified below in the distribution of the operating system , and that distribution Mac OS X.

Run the installer system .In the dialog box, select the required language for

the installation process will appear indication.Next, you will need to carefully read the license agreement and put a few ticks to confirm.

To install Mac OS X, the next stage will be necessary select the location for the .Select the «Utilities» , and then click on the item «Disk Utility» .In the resulting dialog box, you need to press «Erase» .This procedure is similar to a conventional disk formatting: will be deleted completely all the files on your hard disk.Before performing this procedure is recommended to record all the necessary files on hard disk drives or the other.

After formatting close the Disk Utility .Next, the system will automatically detect the drive and to continue you must click on the left mouse button.

window appears «Installation Information» , which will need to choose the configuration and put a tick in the appropriate places.Then click «Finish» .

Next start the process of checking the hard drive on the performance , and for bad sectors.The operating system Mac OS X will be copied to your computer, and start the installation procedure.

Then be sure to restart your computer , and when you first start the operating system, perform all the necessary adjustments in accordance with the configuration of the installed equipment and personal preferences.

Further system startup will be asked adjust keyboard operation .Click «Continue» and in the dialog box, follow the procedure of identification keys.This procedure is performed by pressing them in accordance with the operating system.

How did you make sure to install Mac OS X is simple enough, and it does not require any special programming knowledge.Nevertheless, in some cases installation of the operating system on the PC can cause some problems .

should also be noted that to install Mac OS X is not necessarily on the disc without an operating system. can use so-called virtual machine - special software to be able to work in one operating system over another.

How to install Mac OS X