Where to download the application Adblock

Recently Adblock extension for different browsers has become increasingly popular.In principle, it is not surprising when you consider that this plugin allows you to get rid of one of the most important challenges of the Internet - the abundance of annoying ads.Before we talk about how to install and configure this extension, we consider it in detail.

Why use Adblock

The main purpose of the application - the removal of various types of advertising.Adblock allows you to remove banners, pop-ups, various flash animations and so on.In general, installing this extension for any of the browsers significantly reduces the flow of traffic and, as a consequence, accelerates loading sites.

Thus, it should be noted that Adblock removes not only the majority of pop-up windows on the sides or bottom of the page, and ads that appear on YouTube before downloading the video.Therefore, you protect yourself and your children from unnecessary and intrusive information, just a couple of mouse clicks.

How to download and install Adblock

earlier Adblock extension was only available for the two main browsers FireFox and Chrome, but with the growth of its popularity, options were issued for Opera and Yandeks.Brauzera.Thus, to date, this plug-in is available in all popular browsers, except Internet Explorer, as well as for mobile devices.To install it, you need to go to the tab "Settings / Tools / Extensions" and find the name of Adblock, and then download and install.

All it requires quite a bit of time and knowledge, of course, that in the way different browsers may be slightly different, but the main thing that you need to find this item "extensions".It is worth noting that this program is distributed for free on the official website, so do not download it to third-party resources, and even more to send sms to get "free" version.

How to set up Adblock

One of the main reasons for the popularity of this program is that it is quite finely tuned.That is, you can block a separate frame, banner or image or put the filter, which will fall under all advertising with similar parameters.Thus, even if the original program in the database was not any code, you can own it to add advertising to disappear.

actually sounds and read it more complicated than it really is.In order to set filters program, you initially will need when it detects unwanted advertising, click on the right mouse button in the context menu at the bottom to select one of the two items "Block Image" or "Block the frame."

Then Adblock will appear with various options, since most of them are quite accurate, it is not necessary to touch anything, just select the "Add filter" and all - advertising disappears. Now, even when visiting other sites with similar advertising, it will not be displayed.After a couple of days of active surfing on the Internet and pressing the button "Add filter" on most sites you will not meet the advertisement.

Thus, installing Adblock takes less than a minute, its setting does not cause much difficulty, even for beginners, but the benefits it brings quite a lot.After all, in addition to conventional advertising, the Internet and there is malware that throws you into sites with useless content or viruses.

Author: Vyacheslav Kinko