How to split a file into pieces situations when you need to split the file into several parts, there are quite often.The reasons can be mass: problems with sending e-mail, write to disk, or USB flash drive with limited free space, and so on.In this article we will tell, how to split a file into pieces .

To perform this procedure, we need archiver WinRAR .The essence of the partition is to create multiple archive volumes.Run WinRAR and drag the desired file into the window of the archiver.You can also use the button «Add» , which is located under the main menu.A dialog box in which you need to click on the button «review» , then select the file to be archived and press «Open» .

After opening the file you want, run «Add files to archive» .The dialog box for setting various parameters archiving.Find the drop-down list, on top of which is the inscription «Split into volumes up» .Among the standard features it is possible to break into volumes for CD and DVD.You can also enter your own value for the size of the volume.For example, i

f you need to send a file by e-mail, when you specify the size should be guided by the maximum size of attachments, which provides e-mail service.

If necessary, you can set a password for unpacking created archive.To do this in the settings dialog box to select the tab «Extras» and click «Set Password» .Come up and enter the password twice.Then click «OK» .

In order to split a file into pieces, after installing all the necessary options, click on the button «OK» in the backup options.Will begin the procedure of splitting the file.

also need to tell how of several volumes make the same file again .To do this, place all the files, volumes in one folder.Then right-click on the first volume (at the end of the file name will be «part1» ).In the context menu select «Extract» .There will be unpacking and integration of all the volumes in one file.

use WinRAR archiver absolutely for all types of files.However, there are situations when a partition can not include backup.Usually archiving is not used for video, audio, PDF-files .

To split video files you need a program VirtualDub or any other editor, able to work with video.Annex VirtualDub before separating the video mode must be activated for verbatim copying of audio and video stream.You can then proceed to the immediate "cut" video.Video can be divided into pieces of any length.The same applies to audio files.You will need a special editor example, mp3DirectCut , which is distributed for free.

to carry out such procedures with PDF-files, you can use the program Adobe Reader .The application interface is simple and clear.However, it should be noted that you can work only with the PDF-files, in which there is no protection against editing.

As you could see, split the file into parts simply.With this procedure, you can easily send different data by e-mail or upload to the so-called file storage on which there is a limit on the amount of downloads.

How to split a file into pieces