How to open a doc file doc files are documents that were created by Microsoft Word.However, sometimes there are situations when this program is not on the computer.In this article we will tell, opening the file doc .

First of all you need to tell the program Microsoft Word , which is included in the office suite Microsoft Office.With this program you can work with doc-files, thus carry out any operation on the editing.However, Microsoft Office software package is paid.Therefore, to avoid problems and not install a hacked version of the program, it is better to use a free alternative.

Open File doc can use the free software Writer .The distribution of this application can be downloaded from the official website of the application.The installation procedure is the same as with any other software for the operating system Microsoft Windows.

After installing the application Writer run it.This will display a dialog box that will offer to perform one of several actions.We are interested in the same

button to open a new document, which will be written near «Open a document» .Click this button.This will bring up another dialog box in which you need to specify the path to the desired folder and select the desired file.Next, click the button «Open», and the selected doc-file opens.Now you can edit it.

It should be noted that in May 2012 the application is called Apache OpenOffice .

another free word processor is LibreOffice Writer .This editor has become an offshoot of the development of Writer. Both software packages are cross-platform applications .It says that they will work not only on Windows, but also under Mac OS X, as well as under UNIX-like operating systems.

also open the doc file, you can use a program built into the operating system Windows.It's called WordPad .This text editor, of course, does not hold up to the functional program Microsoft Word, but it has the ability to change the font and color of the characters, as well as to align the text. work with the doc and docx can only version of WordPad for Windows 7 .

In order to open the file doc, you can also take advantage of online services .However, you will need to have your computer is connected and the Internet.Services of this type can be found on the websites and .Both services require a mandatory authorization, so before work should be registered.

If you do not need to edit the doc-file and only need to open it to read a particular text information, enough to download and install a free program Word Viewer .This application, like Word, developed by Microsoft specifically to carry out printing and reading documents.

As you could see, doc open the file simply.Furthermore, this does not necessarily install Microsoft Word - a program for which it is a standard file format.On the Internet you can easily find other software for the use of which will not have to pay.As for the possibilities of such programs, they are not inferior to the functionality of such a powerful word processor like Microsoft Word.We hope contained in this article will help you find the application to open the doc-file.

How to open a doc file