The most original application for your computer

Today has released a huge amount of software for your computer to help solve a variety of problems.Naturally, most of them have utility and are intended primarily for operation and extend the functionality of PC.However, there are many applications, the main purpose of which is to entertain the user and to give him some rest.

So, there is a whole class of joke programs that allow you to "split" the desktop, add a variety of cute creatures on the screen, hunting for the cursor and do a lot of other funny things.On them, we will not stop, because most of them are of the same type, and immediately move on to the story of the more complex applications.

StrokesPlus - original program to control a computer using mouse movements.To use this software you need to first define a list of different symbols (drawings, lines, letters, etc.) and assign each of them an action (start another program, the creation of the document, including a media player, and so on).Once the program will remember the characters yo

u can simply hold down the right mouse button, and draw on the screen of any of them, after which the application will automatically fixed team.As far as this program can speed up your work is not known, however, that it will make it more fun - an indisputable fact.

Google Earth - quick virtual trip to anywhere in the world.In fact, this program is a offline version of the map from Google.Its feature is that you without any difficulties can attend a variety of attractions of our planet, consider the streets and houses in 3D and even if you want to look at the surface of the moon.Also, there are photos of the remote corners of the universe, the telescope made by NASA.

Celestia 3D Universe - unlike the previous application, this program gives you with not only the Earth, but the other planets.Its main purpose - 3D modeling of different parts of our universe.Thus, you can take a virtual tour on any of the planets of the solar system and even to distant stars and galaxies.In total, the program is incorporated in the database of more than 100 thousand images of stars, planets and other cosmic objects, so fascinating walk assured.

Antikomar - means to fight the insects.Immediately it is worth to mention that this program is one of dozens, if not hundreds, designed to combat the winged bloodsuckers.Once installed on the computer and run the program, it begins to generate a sound which is beyond human hearing, but at the same time repels insects.Unfortunately, the views on the usefulness of the ultrasound program divided, someone claims it really helps against mosquitoes and flies, while others, on the contrary - consider it useless.

Family Tree Builder - as the name implies, this program is designed to build a family tree.With it you can easily and quickly arrange all of their relatives in the correct sequence.In addition, the application provides for the construction of the genealogical tree for every member of the family, whose data have been added to the database.

pMetro - it is easy to learn but very useful utility that is useful to those who constantly moves in the subway.The program contains maps "underground" of many cities and allows us to calculate the best route to travel between stations, taking into account the direct and expectations.You can download your own database for any additional maps of the cities of the world.

Author: Vyacheslav Kinko