How to open the ISO file Today, most distributions of programs distributed on the Internet in so-called disk image file.Many people are having some difficulty in dealing with such images.In this article we will tell, how to open a file ISO .

should be noted that ISO is one of the most common formats are used to create images of CD and DVD drives .These formats appear in order to be able to create identical copies of CDs with music, movies, games and various programs.

To open a file ISO, you need to install on your computer certain software.Today there are many different programs that can work with disk images.Such applications can not only open the image files, but also to create them.Among the most common software packages of this kind can be identified UltraISO, Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120%, IsoBuster and MagicISO .

Among these applications absolutely free you can download the program UltraISO .This application interface is simple and reliable in operation.After the distribution, download the program, install it on your co

mputer.The installation procedure is nothing difficult for anyone who has ever installed the application on Windows.

After installation is complete, run the application.To open a file ISO, select "File" menu and click on the item «Open» .A dialog box, with which you will need to specify the path to the file ISO.After selecting the file, press «Open» .Now, the program will display all files stored in the image.They can be copied, edit the image itself, and perform many other operations.

However, in order to open the ISO file and then run with it as a disk, you must mount the image to a virtual drive.First of all, this drive to create.You will need to select the menu item «Options» , then go to the section «Settings» and click on the item «Virtual Drive» .In the resulting dialog box, you need to specify the number of new virtual drives, their symbolic notation, and so on.After setting all the necessary parameters, click «OK» .

Now the image can be mounted.To do this, enter the menu «Tools» and select «Mount a virtual drive» .It will also simply press «F6» .You will see a small window in which to specify which disk to mount the image, as well as point the way to the most the ISO.Then click «Mount» .

You can use any file manager. The list disk devices will be a new virtual drive , which will be all the image files.Now you can install programs, watch movies or listen to music.

How did you make sure to open the ISO file is simple enough, and it does not require any special knowledge.All that is required, - a program that can work with this format.Finally it must be said that the application UltraISO can open not only the images in the format of ISO, but also to work with files MDF and MDS , which are also often used to store software distributions.In addition to the program UltraISO very popular applications such as Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120%.However, these programs are paid, and their trial versions do not have great functionality.

How to open the ISO file