How to create a PDF-File PDF format designed for the electronic submission of various printed materials (books, magazines, and so on).To view this format is commonly used free software Adobe Acrobat.In this article we will tell, how to create a PDF-File .

First of all I must say that make PDF file can be achieved by converting DOC-file , if one is available.Today, there are several ways to perform this procedure.One of them is the installation of a computer program Apache OpenOffice , which has a built-in conversion.It is necessary to enter the menu «File» and select «Export to PDF ...» .A dialog box in which you will need to install all the necessary parameters.

Another way is to use a conversion special online services , the most popular of which is .On this site you will find a form called «Convert Document» .Click on the button «Review» and select the desired DOC-file located on your hard drive.Next in line «The format» choose «Adobe Acrobat PDF» and press the button "Convert document".Once the se

rvice has finished the conversion, you will see a window that prompts you to save the resulting the PDF.

To create a PDF-file without having finished DOC-files, you must use a special program for the future of independent layout file.The most common software package for solving such a problem is TeX . With this system, desktop publishing to create a PDF-File can be literally "from scratch» .However, to use this program is quite difficult, because it requires knowledge of specific markup language.

Speaking about the creation of PDF, you must tell the program PDFCreator .The essence of her work is to create a so-called virtual printer , which instead of the usual print a document or creates a duplicate image in PDF.This application works well with any program, which has support for printing.PDFCreator also has the ability to encrypt a file to protect from printing or viewing.In addition, with this program you can combine several PDF-files into one .The application has an intuitive interface, translated into many languages, including Russian there.

PDFCreator distributed free of charge , and distribution can be downloaded from the official website of the program.After you install this application, you can run any text editor, or image viewer and open the source file.Next, you should use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P or menu «File» select «Print ...» .The dialog box options sorrow where the drop-down list, select the printer you need to choose PDFCreator .Then the program automatically converts the document to PDF.

The same applies to images.In the same way it can be converted to PDF, and then, if necessary using PDFCreator resulting image inserted into an existing image of PDF, which will result in several pages.

As you could see, create a PDF-file by converting other formats is quite simple, but if you want to create a file "from scratch», will need to make some effort to learn the language markup .Finally it should be said that many say the PDF format as the most readable, besides the Adobe Acrobat to open this format is free. Modern mobile devices with the Android operating system is also easy to open PDF-files .

How to create a PDF-File