How to get rid Webalta Webalta - this is a Russian search engine, notorious because it used technology advancement.From time to time one or the other user to notice that the home page in the browser without his knowledge or consent to the changed, and Webalta became the default search engine.How to get rid Webalta?

first thing that comes to mind - simply change the home page in a browser standard methods.However, in such a way to get rid of Webalta not work: most likely after you restart your browser, you will notice that the front page again changed to to remove Webalta once and for all?

To get rid of Webalta browsers Opera, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, you need to remove all changes obsessive search engine in the register .To do this, click "Start" in the menu that appears, select "Run".This will open a field in which you must enter the command regedit, and then click OK or Enter.Open the Registry Editor.

In "Edit" menu of Registry Editor, click "Find."In the window enter in the search word webalta and press "Find Next» .At the end of the search you get a list of all the records that contain that word.All of these records must be removed (right click on the record and select the menu item "Delete" or highlight the entry and press Delete).

From the first time to remove all the records will not succeed.You will need to scan the registry several times to remove all references to absolute webalta.Only when the next search returns 0 results can move on to the next step.Pay close attention to what you are deleting: any changes you make to the registry at your own risk , if you accidentally remove something you may need to restore and even reinstall your operating system.

finished with cleaning the registry, you can change the start page of your browser standard methods :

  • for Opera: Tools → Settings → General → Home;
  • for Google Chrome: toolbar button → Settings → Appearance → tick near the item "Show button« Home »→ Change;
  • for Internet Explorer: Tools → Options → General → Home.

To finally get rid of Webalta, you must also check the properties browser shortcuts .For example, if you use the browser Opera, click on its icon, right-click on the shortcut menu, select "Properties".In the next window tab "Object".Look, it is not written if there is something like this:

"C: \ Program Files \ Opera \ opera.exe"

If yes, then you need to remove the http: //, leaving only the first part of the recording.Then click "Apply" and OK.If you use multiple browsers, you need to check the properties of the shortcut each browser elsewhere remove the link to the home page Webalta.

also worth just in case check the list of installed programs - sometimes Webalta installs on the computer your program.To do this, go to Control Panel and select "Add or Remove Programs" ("Programs and Features" in Windows 7).Sort by date of installation of the program and see whether there is among the newly installed applications Webalta.If so, remove the "enemy" program and clean up the registry.

These tips will help you get rid of Webalta, if you are using a browser Opera, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome (or any other browser, created on the basis of the free browser Chromium).To remove Webalta of Mozilla Firefox, you will also need to edit configuration files user.js and prefs.js (how to do it, we have described in the relevant article).

How to get rid Webalta