Secret level Diablo 3 Fans of the second part of the game Diablo will remember the secret level - measuring bellicose cows get into that could pass for the last quest, transforming Cuba Horadrika that portal and leg Wirth.Not without a secret level and in the third part.How to get to the secret level Diablo 3 ?

to open a secret passage to the level of Diablo 3, you will need to collect artifact - crook .For him, you need certain ingredients and recipe.Components of the staff are "scattered" in all four acts playing.What are these components and how to find them?

In the first act of the game you can collect two components - tibia Leoric and black fungus. tibia Leoric Leoric is on the estate.Upon entering the mansion, go to the room with a fireplace, located near the stairs.If the fireplace has a bundle of firewood, click on it - the bone fall.

Black fungus growing on the ground level of the Council in a separate room right out of the floor slabs.

In the second act is also hiding two components - a liquid rainbow and be

ll Wirth. Bell Wirth sells Kaldeyskom girl on the market, it costs 100,000 gold, so save up money.

liquid rainbow need to look for in the location Oasis.There is a hut next to it is an old alchemist, which you will need to protect against an attack of ghosts.For this he opens the door to a mysterious cave location, on one of the levels in which the gold Mysterious chest and is liquid rainbow.

fifth component - muttering gem , it can be found in the third act.He falls from a rare monster Chiltara in location Ice Cave.This location is in the area of ​​the quest in which you have to destroy the ballista and catapult Azmodan (bridge Korsikka).

Finally, in the fourth act you need to get the recipe for the staff .He had to drop out of Izuala.

Note that each time you start the game world is randomly generated. This means that the desired object can fall, and may not fall .If the game does not have the desired location (the character, monster), you need to exit the game and go into it again.Sometimes the level necessary to restart a few times to get the desired object.

Staff and components attached to your account .This means that it can use all the characters you have created.It also means that if you are not able to collect all of the components, playing one character, you can proof create another and continue collecting.

When you have all the ingredients on hand, go to the blacksmith , so he assembled a staff to you.Keep in mind that it will cost you 50,000 gold.

When you have a staff, back in the first act.You need to go on the road to the old Tristram and find a cow bone.Among them rises the specter of King cows from the second Diablo, talk to you and open the secret passage to the level of Diablo 3 - Whimsyshire .

In the third part of the secret level of the game is to rainbow cartoon pony unicorn, teddy bears, flowers and clouds .No need to cheat them harmless appearance: you came here to fight and not be touched.Passage level will give you a great achievement.

Staff will be kept in your backpack, so you can go to some secret level.However staff collected on the normal difficulty setting, will operate only at this level .If you continue to play at other levels (Nightmare, Hell, Inferno), the staff will need to be upgraded.

to propagreydit staff need a prescription to buy assemble the difficulty level staff (nightmarish, hellish, infernal).It can be purchased in the fourth act after the death of the merchant Izuala Quartermaster burning.With the recipe go to the blacksmith who upgrades your staff (please note that at every level of upgrade will cost more and more expensive).

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