How to Install Android on a computer Android operating system with each passing day is gaining popularity.It is designed especially for mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).In this article we will tell, how to install Android on your computer for reference without buying mobile gadgets.

main rival of the operating system is iOS, installed on the device from Apple.However, if you - the owner of an iPhone or iPad, and you suddenly became necessary to update the firmware of your device, you will have to pay the money, while system Android, you can update for free .This is its advantage.

If you have never worked with "green robot," but you want to buy a device with the operating system, be sure to install Android on a computer for testing.Make it pretty simple.

First of all you need to visit the site and download the latest version of the system there , which is in the public domain a single image file format ISO.Downloads can be used as a built-in boot your browser, and some specialized programs such as, Download Mast


Next, you need to create a boot disk or a USB flash drive .As a rule, such a task can handle the program for recording CDs.Perfect free application UltraISO , which can be easily found and downloaded from the Internet.Installing this program also is not anything complicated.After installation, launch the program UltraISO.

Enter the menu «File» and select «Open ...» .Then select the image file of the operating system Android.The program UltraISO display all the files contained in the image.This indicates that the application is successfully opened ISO-file and can be worked on.

Now click on the menu «Bootstrapping» and select «Burn hard disk image ...» .In the dialog box, scroll «Method of record» in the drop-down list, select «USB-HDD +» .Of course, pre-need to insert the connector into the USB-flash drive for recording.Next, press the button «Record» .

If a flash drive is inserted into any information, a dialog box appears warning that all data on the flash drive will be erased.Click on "Yes", if the contents of the stick you do not need.

on record will take some time, but the state of the process can be followed by a special indicator .After recording, the flash drive can be considered ready for use.

There are two options: install Android on your computer or just to run the operating system in a mode LiveUSB .If you choose the first option, remember that Android is recommended to install a so-called virtual machine, which can be set up using the application VirtualBox .

installation procedure is very simple: run VirtualBox, allocates space to create a virtual machine, and then insert the USB flash drive.Menu automatically appears, where you will need to select «Install Android to harddisk» .After installation in the dialog box that appears, select «Run Android-x86» , after a few seconds the operating system will be fully operational.

second option - run the Android operating system from a USB drive - suitable for familiarization best.To do this, after you connect the flash drive in the menu that appears, select «Run Android without installation» .We recommend that you use this option, it is because it is much easier to install, it can also be a variety of Android-run applications and use them.After starting the operating system will automatically detect the devices, such as a webcam, sound card adapter and Wi-Fi.

How to Install Android on a computer