The program to cut songs

Why circumcision is music?By this operation often turn music editors, animators, the organizers who need to shorten the various pieces of music, song complement other sound effects if you want to cut the part of the interview, or audio books, put the pieces of different music, and so one. D.

what waypossible to implement it?The answer is simple - using the program to cut songs.It is not difficult to guess that these programs there is great variety, but the principle of their action is almost identical, except for any non-essential, or more advanced features.

Where to get a program to cut songs?Again, nothing fancy - buy in the store or downloaded from the Internet."World Wide Web" offers both programs that require installation on your PC, as well as numerous online services to crop music.

line trimming music will suit you if you want a one-off and as soon as possible to cut off any audio track: a ringtone for your mobile phone, some of the songs for the performance or bonding with other music, etc

.The principle of operation of such a service is very simple, demonstrate an example:

In your browser, open the page , select by pressing the corresponding button, an audio or video (to be removed only sound track) files of almost any format.Then you can listen to your file and choose a fragment to cut by moving the two sliders that indicate the beginning and end of the new track.Finally, press the crop, the expected completion of the operation and download the results from the site - the original file when it did not hurt.Here are a few popular programs for trimming music online:

  • - are a bit more complicated, but not functionallimited to simple cutting
  • - similar to the previous functionality, but other interface

But this service is not suitable for someone who regularly works in depth with the music.For professional to install better to trim the audio to the PC.Typically, these programs have a number of additional useful features: ability to add an unlimited number of music files, the use of audio effects, voice narration, and more.Programs to cut songs provide an opportunity to make changes and additions to the already received draft.And, importantly, the majority of programs for trimming music are able to recognize the various audio formats.

An excellent example of such a program can serve as Audacity, available online completely free and is compatible with virtually any platform.For professional use better buy Sony Sound Forge, allows you to mount the recording in the highest quality, to create samples, clean and digitize old record, and more.