How do I delete all records from the wall VKontakte - program to clean walls vkontakte In the social network Vkontakte there are a lot of different useful and exciting features that deliver to the user a lot of positive emotions.One of these "functions" - writing on the wall VKontakte.

We think it is not necessary right now to explain what it is, as you yourself know, and perhaps even an active user of the wall.Write another anecdote on his wall, to congratulate on his birthday, the holidays, just to make fun of friends and acquaintances - Wall VKontakte - the ideal "place" for such entertainment.

Anyway, the wall in the social network VK can tell a lot: about the host page, and his friends and acquaintances.But sometimes there are moments when you just want to delete the records on the wall VKontakte.

When you open your page VK and notice the following: advertising of random people, more recently, to ask for you in the "friends", a lot of unwanted messages that were created using a variety of games and applications VKontakte.

All this eventually becomes annoying, and yet already so a

ccustomed to this social network, you do not want to leave their cozy home page, and the friends and acquaintances, as they say, hold.No other cases are rare, and if enemies are left very unpleasant records on your wall.

What to do?In a fit because you can take and remove a page VK, but we suggest you do not worry so much - much easier to remove everything that is on the wall, and that we will discuss in more detail.Since VKontakte delete all entries?There are many options: from the complex and irrational to the most simple and convenient:

1. You can, of course, be removed manually.Well, if your wall VK does not have a lot of records.But if you are an active user of social networks, manually delete multiple entries will be very long and tedious.How to remove manually: just use X "to delete the record," which is located in the upper right corner of each record.

message on the wall you can always restore this, you should click on the site just a remote recording "restore".This method is also suitable for those people who are afraid of catching a computer virus by using untested special programs to clean up the recording VKontakte.On the other hand, a reliable Antivirus you will not be afraid to look for good programs.

2. The second method is similar to the first.Close your wall from friends and remove manually.

How do I delete all records from the wall VKontakte - program to clean walls vkontakte

3. Using a special software code - the script for cleaning the walls.The script is placed in the input line of text on the wall VKontakte, press Enter and messages safely disappear.

But there are also disadvantages to this method: some scripts only work in Firefox, others - only in Opera, because remove entries from the wall VKontakte these methods is possible, but not entirely easy.And not every user wants to deal with confusing codes.

4. Finally, the last method, which has received wide distribution network and positive feedback:

Programs to remove records from the wall VKontakte

program to clean records on the wall is now VK big set.We briefly review the most optimal.VkontakteWallCleaner - the name speaks for itself.A simple program that allows you to clear the record.VkBot - program to remove records VKontakte.

install the latest version of the program running, enter your details VK (login and password) and eventually get a lot of different functions which you could only dream about!Program will help you to answer the question: how to make a pending entry VKontakte.This feature adds a scheduled recording on the wall in the community in a strictly scheduled time.

also recommend that you use this online service Buzzlike.Use the program to remove the records and let VKontakte on your page will always prevail order and comfort.

Author: Katerina Sergeenko